Trip to Sri Lanka

DVA President’s Sri Lanka Trip

I want to share with you an amazing trip I just returned from. Germany First, I traveled to Cologne Germany on October 3 and met our Germany Chapter Leader and Board Member, Christina Haenlein, and her Chapter for dinner, enjoying a delicious vegan meal. The next day we drove across Germany to Berlin where I gave a talk at Das Buddhistische Haus, the oldest Buddhist … Continue reading DVA President’s Sri Lanka Trip

Pema Rinzin

An Interview with Pema Rinzin

To this day, I haven’t heard of any teaching of the Buddha which supports harming other beings for our own happiness or benefit. I think all the teachings of the Buddha support being a vegan because a vegan lifestyle is fully against harming other living beings. -Pema Rinzin Please begin with telling us your name and where you live. My name is Pema Rinzin. I … Continue reading An Interview with Pema Rinzin