Inaugural DVA Speaker Series

Thank you for joining us Saturday, May 30th, for our inaugural DVA Speaker Series event. If you were not able to make it, replays are available on both FaceBook and YouTube. Make sure to follow us to be informed about our next event.    Bob has practiced the Dharma in the Vipassana/Theravada tradition for twenty-two years. He was a civil rights-human rights attorney for twenty-five years, specializing … Continue reading Inaugural DVA Speaker Series

DVA Speaker Series with Thanissara

DVA Speaker Series Episode 3 DVA live streamed the third episode of our Speaker Series featuring DVA Advisory Council Member Thanissara The replay can be view on Facebook and YouTube. Thanissara had a conversation with DVA Co-Founder and President Bob Isaacson. Thanissara is Anglo-Irish and from London. She became Vegetarian at 14 years old, and Vegan in 2017. Thanissara started Buddhist practice in the U … Continue reading DVA Speaker Series with Thanissara

Report: Honoring All Life: Exploring The First Precept Of Non-Harming

Update on our huge DVA event, last month’s day-long at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, called Honoring All Life: Exploring the Precept of Non-Harming.   In the morning of our event, a group of well-respected Dharma teachers joined Bob Isaacson and another DVA cofounder, Patti Breitman, to lead the event. Joining Bob and Patti were Spirit Rock teachers Bob Stahl, Richard Shankman, and James Baraz, and Jain activist … Continue reading Report: Honoring All Life: Exploring The First Precept Of Non-Harming

Compassionate Diet in Vietnam

Update on DVA’s Vietnam Project & Film Release

DVA’s Vietnam Project, our second nationwide Project, was launched in September of 2018, bringing a Buddhist voice on behalf of animals to this country of “tens of millions” of Buddhists. Here’s an update on some recent activities. New Film on Compassionate Diet in Vietnam DVA’s Vietnam Project received a huge boost by the release of a documentary film about a compassionate diet in Vietnam. One … Continue reading Update on DVA’s Vietnam Project & Film Release