DVA Thailand Project Coordinator Chirra Taworntawat Banks

DVA Thailand Project

We at DVA send Metta to all the Thai people. May you all be healthy and safe.

DVA is very excited to announce the launching of our third countrywide Project in Thailand, joining our Projects in Sri Lanka and Vietnam, which have been going strong for several years. We are equally as excited to announce our new Director of the Project, Chirra Taworntawat, who likes to be called Banks. Banks is a former monk and is currently a Buddhist practitioner. He is a Ph.D. candidate in public health at the renowned Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. He is bilingual, speaking Thai and English, having attending University in the UK. Banks is also well known in Thailand for his vegan mentoring on his own YouTube Channel Coach Banks with over 287,000 followers. You can also find Coach Banks on Facebook: เคล็ดลับง่ายๆรักษาโรคด้วยอาหาร และการเป็นเศรษฐีความสุข

We are working with the approximately 300,000 monastics in Thailand, the great majority of whom eat a great deal of animal flesh and animal products. Some of the biggest and most influential temples in Thailand are working with DVA by welcoming our presentations on the health benefits of a plant-based or, at least, a vegetarian diet. Banks and Dr. Ting made our first presentation at the renowned Wat (temple) Mahathat.

Banks and Dr. Ling sitting with monastics
DVA Thailand Project Director Chirra Taworntawat “Banks” (3rd from the right) and Thai medicine doctor, Dr. Ting (4th from right), sitting with monastics at the Wat Mahathat (Temple) in Bangkok, Thailand.
Banks giving talk
DVA Thailand Project Director Chirra Taworntawat “Banks,” giving a talk at the Wat Mahathat (Temple) in Bangkok, Thailand.
Dr. Ling giving talk
Dr. Ting giving a talk at the Wat Mahathat (Temple) in Bangkok ,Thailand
Sign for Mahathat
Wat Mahathat (Temple) in Bangkok, Thailand.

Recent Presentations

Since the pandemic lockdown ended this summer, DVA Thailand Project team of Director Banks, who will be receiving his PhD. in Public Health later this year, and Thai traditional medicine Doctor Ting, have made very well-attended presentations at the following Wats: Rama 9, Toongsaeri, Ladprao, Prommarangsi, Lamkradam, and Prayasurain.

Since May Banks has continued to make Facebook live presentations about the health benefits of a plant-based diet with several monastics watching. Using his Public Health background, Banks is also sharing nutritional information with many monastics by telephone.

After a very productive meeting with the abbot of Wat Chet Lin in Chiang Mai, DVA will soon schedule a presentation. The abbot invited DVA hoping that we will help him persuade the other 21 monks to give up animals as food.

Bob and abbot sitting outside.
Bob and the abbot of Wat Chet Lin in Chiang Mai

DVA’s Thailand Project Team

  • Chirra Taworntawat (Banks), Director of Thailand Project, PhD. candidate in Public Health at Chulalongkorn University, former monk, YouTube Channel personality.
  • Aom Sasinan, Assistant to the Director of the DVA Thailand Project.
  • Venerable Anandajoti, member of DVA’s Advisory Board, Professor at International Buddhist College (IBC) in Songkhla, Thailand.
  • Dr. Pirata Chiravatcharatikul (Ting), Thai Traditional Medicine Doctor.
  • Varapol Chensavasdijar (Jop), Thailand Chapter Leader and Thai diplomat.
  • Kalayanee Yimsiri of Veganerie Restaurant, in Bangkok, Diet Consultant.
  • Heng Guan Hou, Entrepreneur, Vice President of the Center for a Responsible future, formerly the Vegetarian Society Singapore.

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