DVA Members

Individual members are listed below.

 “I am determined not to kill, not to let others kill, and not to support any act of killing in the world…”

– Renowned Vegan Monk, Thich Nhat Hanh


DVA Board of Directors

Bob Isaacson has practiced the Dharma in the Vipassana/Theravada tradition for twenty-two years. He was a civil rights-human rights attorney for twenty-five years, specializing in defending people against the death penalty. Bob currently teaches the Dharma, leads two Sanghas, and leads day-long and weekend retreats in the San Diego area, having been trained in Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s Community Dharma Leader Program.  Bob is a DVA co-founder and president.

DVA photo Sherry MorgadoSherry Morgado has been practicing Zen Buddhism in the lineage of Thich Nhat Hanh since 2010, although she began meditating in 1981 after reading “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind.” by Shunryu Suzuki-Roshi. She practices with the Slowly Ripening Sangha at Sky Creek Dharma Center in Chico, California.  She loves sharing the Buddha’s message of compassion for animals through her example of living peacefully, joyfully, and by not supporting their suffering in her personal life, as well as active advocacy on their behalf.  Sherry is DVA’s Chico, California Chapter Leader.  

              Bhante Sathi is from Kandy, Sri Lanka, and lives in Mankato, Minnesota, USA.  Emerging spiritual interests in his early teens led Bhante Sathi to be ordained as a novice monk (samanera) at age 19 in the Theravada tradition in his native country.  After three years of education and training under Wattegama Dhammawasa Maha Thera at Sri Subhodaranaya International Bhikku Center, Sri Lanka, he received higher ordination as a fully ordained monk. As a monk, he taught meditation and insight practices and counseled people from many walks of life using Buddhist teachings.

Invitations from people interested in meditation led to Bhante expanding his teaching to Europe, Canada, and the United States.  In 1999 he became a resident monk at the Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara in Southfield Michigan and traveled around the US and Canada teaching meditation and mindfulness practices, the teachings and philosophy of Buddha (Dhamma), and leading retreats.

In 2003 he made Minnesota his home and, with the support of friends, founded Triple Gem of the North in Mankato where he began living.  He became a US citizen and traveled the state, sharing his knowledge and training in the Buddha’s teachings, meditation, and mindful living.  Bhante is DVA’s Minnesota Chapter Leader and the Co-Coordinator for our Sri Lanka Project.

Allan Kornberg, MD, MBA has been meditating for twenty years and is a pediatrician who has practiced both primary care and emergency pediatrics, having served as vice-chair and associate professor of pediatrics, at the University of Buffalo. He advocated on behalf of survivors of child abuse and sexual assault and was the co-editor of a textbook ‘Child Abuse and Neglect-a Medical Reference.’ Allan also held healthcare leadership positions including medical director and subsequently CEO for Network Health, a health plan that serves impoverished families in Massachusetts.

Dr. Kornberg served as the executive director for the United States for World Animal Protection, and as the executive director for Farm Sanctuary, which focuses on providing lifetime care for abused farm animals, education and advocacy. Allan has been a board member and board chair of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and is currently its executive director. He also serves as the board chair of The Animal Defense Partnership, which provides pro bono legal and other professional services to animal charities. He works with several animal charities in their capacity building and is shortly embarking on an effort in supporting plant-based diets for children.


DVA Advisory Council

Venerable Geshe Thupten Phelgye was born in 1956 and escaped the invasion and occupation of his homeland, Tibet, by the Chinese army in 1961. He became a monk in 1973 at Seraje College of Sera Monastic University and finished his Geshe degree (Ph.D.) in 1991.  He meditated in the Himalayan mountains for a period of five years.  In 2001 he was elected as a member of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile to represent the Gelug tradition of Buddhism and served in the Parliament for ten years. His teacher and mentor have been his Holiness the Dalai Lama who blessed Geshe-la’s Universal Compassion Foundation organization (www.universalcompassion.org).  In 2012, 2013, and 2015  Geshe-la has given teachings throughout California and the USA on practicing the Dharma as a vegetarian.  His teaching tour, sponsored in large part by DVA, is called, “Compassion for all Beings.”  Geshe-la currently works as a professor at Eastern Washington University.

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo was raised in London. In 1964, aged 20, she traveled to India to pursue her spiritual path and met her guru, His Eminence the 8th Khamtrul Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist Lama. She became one of the first Westerners to ordain as a Tibetan Buddhist nun. The inspiring story of her life, including 12 years of secluded retreat in a Himalayan cave, is the subject of the biography, Cave in the Snow.

A popular Buddhist teacher, she presents the Dharma in an accessible manner to audiences across the world. Jetsunma is Founder and Abbess of Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery in Himachel Pradesh, Northern India, where some 100 young women, from the Himalayan region receive monastic training. A select few of these nuns remain in long term retreat undergoing the rigorous yogic training of the Drukpa Kagyu tradition, thus reinstating the Togdenma lineage within this school of Buddhism.

In 2008 Tenzin Palmo was given the title of Jetsunma, which means Venerable Master, by His Holiness the Twelfth Gyalwang Drukpa, Head of her lineage.

Venerable Thich Thanh Huan, the Director of DVA’s Vietnam Project, has been a monk for thirty-three years and lives in the Buddhist country of Vietnam in Hanoi, its capital.  He was taught at Lang Mai (Plum Village) in France by Thich Nhat Hanh, who designated him a Buddhist teacher in 2003.

Venerable Thich Thanh Huan was born in 1967 to a Buddhist priest family with all six siblings becoming monastics. In 1984 he ordained at Quán Sứ Pagoda, the headquarters of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha (VBS). He has received a Ph.D. in both Buddhist studies in Taiwan and philosophy in Vietnam.

Currently, the Venerable Thich Thanh Huan is the abbot of the famous 1,000-year-old Pháp Vân Pagoda in Hanoi, Vietnam.  The Venerable is also a member of the influential Standing Committee of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha (VBS), which is the home to 50,000 monastics, 15,000 Buddhist temples, and tens of millions of followers.

The Venerable practices non-harming and compassion by not eating or otherwise using animal products teaches numerous classes on vegetarianism and promotes a plant-based diet, and, as a member of the Advisory Council of DVA, helps connect DVA with Vietnam.

Tara Brach, Ph.D. is an internationally known meditation teacher and author of bestselling Radical Acceptance and True Refuge. She is a founder and senior teacher of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC, offers a popular weekly podcast and teaches meditation workshops and retreats in the United States and Europe. Tara and her colleague Jack Kornfield have created a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Certification Program that is currently serving participants from 49 countries. Tara is also active in bringing meditation into DC area schools, prisons and to underserved populations. tarabrach.com

BDVA Photo Anandajotihante Anandajoti is an English Monk resident in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand since 1987. He was fully ordained in the Theravāda tradition in Sri Lanka in 1996 and is currently an advisor to the International Buddhist College in south Thailand.

Since ordination he has been involved in many Dharma works and teachings, working both as a writer, teacher, photographer and as webmaster on various sites for his own and others’ works.

Bhante has been vegetarian since early childhood and is now vegan. He also does whatever he can to promote human rights, animal rights, and a better understanding of our shared lives on this planet.

Patti Breitman has been meditating since 1973 and practicing Vipassana since 1991.  She completed the first Mindfulness Yoga training offered at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and participated in the Dedicated Practitioner Program there, where she has been a member of the Friday morning Sangha for well over 20 years. She also is a long time member of the Sunday night Marin Sangha, started by Spirit Rock teacher Phillip Moffitt.  Patti is the co-author of How to Eat Like a Vegetarian, Even If You Never Want To Be One and of Never Too Late to Go Vegan.  She is the co-founder and director of The Marin Vegetarian Education Group.  Patti is a DVA co-founder and past secretary.


Kim Sturla is a long-time voice for animals.  As co-founder and Executive Director of Animal Place, she devotes her life to rescuing farmed animals and changing people’s behavior through advocacy and education.  Kim is also a co-founder of DVA and formerly served as Vice-President of its Board.  Her service has helped DVA grow into a worldwide organization.

Dr. Will Tuttle, a Dharma Master in the Korean Zen tradition and former Zen monk, has been practicing Zen for over 35 years, and has also studied in the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Author of the acclaimed best-seller, The World Peace Diet, he is a recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award, and has created eight CD albums of uplifting original piano music. His Ph.D. from U.C., Berkeley, focused on educating intuition and altruism and was nominated for the best dissertation award. A vegan since 1980, he presents 150 lectures, workshops, and concerts annually throughout North America and Europe.

Albert Mah is a former vice-president of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia and a former treasurer of Hayagriva Buddhist Centre in Perth, Australia.  He is currently a dharma teacher at the Buddhist Society of Western Australia giving lessons to the senior school class. He is a vegan, plays an active role in animal advocacy, the vegan way of living and social justice. He lives with a greyhound who was discarded by the racing industry after his racing career ended.  Albert believes that when one contemplates suffering deeply one realizes that a life of minimum harm has to incorporate abstention from eating animal flesh and consuming animal products.  He is the Chapter Leader of DVA’s Perth, Australia Chapter.

Dr. Chamith Nanayakkara has a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree from the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka, where he graduated with honors as a Veterinary Surgeon in 2000 and ‎currently serves as a faculty member of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science.

In the 1970’s the Sri Lankan Government started killing 100,000 dogs per year by gassing them to death in an attempt to eradicate rabies in Sri Lanka.  Soon after graduation, Dr. Nanayakkara started his campaign to stop these massive killings of dogs as a badly guided solution to eradicate rabies in Sri Lanka.  As the Managing Director of Vets for Future, he has been working with the Sri Lankan Government on humanely controlling the dog population by planning the vaccinations of 70% of the dogs.  Chamith’s efforts were successful when the Government in 2005 announced a No Kill Policy so that humane methods could take effect.  Working in cooperation with the Sri Lankan Government, Chamith and Vets for Future, a large organization of veterinarian surgeons and support staff, have spayed and neutered over 900,000 dogs so far!

The Government program, however, does not treat dogs who are sick and injured, have complications from surgery, or have cancer or cataracts.  In his role as the Managing Director of Vets for Future, Chamith and his group of surgeons have donated 10% of their salaries since 2008 to fund free treatment for sick and injured dogs.

Dr. Nanayakkara has personally performed more than 60,000 surgeries.  He has been conducting free clinics, treating over 120 dogs per day on full moon days, a holiday in Sri Lanka, in ‎Kundasale on the outskirts of Kandy.

Chamith is the Chapter leader of DVA’s Kandy, Sri Lanka Chapter.


DVA Contributors

DVAXX photo Chatral haloKyabje Chatral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche*  (1913-2015) was widely regarded as one of the most highly realized Dzogchen Masters.  Chatral Rinpoche was married to Sangyum Kamala Rinpoche and had two daughters.  When Father Thomas Merton first met him in 1968, he famously remarked that Chatral Rinpoche  was “the greatest man I ever met.”

Rinpoche was one of the most vocal opponents of meat-eating in Tibetan Buddhism.  During the traditional long retreat and at all of Rinpoche’s monasteries, temples, and retreat centers, only vegetarian food was served.  Chatral Rinpoche was renowned for releasing large numbers of fishes from the Calcutta fish markets every year, as well as saving many birds and land animals from slaughter.

We are very honored that Chatral Rinpoche endorsed DVA “for speaking out on behalf of animals in the worldwide Buddhist Community.”  DVA was the only organization in the West that he ever endorsed.  We are deeply saddened that Chatral Rinpoche passed away in December, 2015.

Kamala Lama

Sangyum Kamala Lama is a lineage holder of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism and heart disciple of His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche.  She was also a disciple and sangyum (wife) of another Dharma Voices for Animals Contributor, His Holiness Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche, who passed away in December, 2015 and was considered the greatest living Dzogchen master.  They had been married for over 50 years.  Kamala Lama is widely regarded as an outstanding practitioner and Dharma teacher.  DVA hopes to sponsor Rinpoche for a teaching tour, “Compassion for all Beings,” in the near future.

Norm Phelps* (1939-2014) was a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner in the Sakya tradition for 30 years. He was a member of the North American Committee of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies, and author of The Great Compassion: Buddhism and Animal Rights and The Longest Struggle: Animal Advocacy from Pythagoras to PETA, both published by Lantern Books, www.lanternbooks.com.  We are deeply saddened that Norm passed away on December 31, 2014

Philip Murphy serves as DVA’s Advisor for Institutional Advancement. A longtime fundraising professional, Phil has held leadership positions in higher education in advancement offices that include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, UCLA Anderson School of Business, and USC Viterbi School of Engineering, among others; as well as with organizations such as Public Citizen (Washington, DC) and Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (Concord, MA). Through his philanthropic consulting firm Commonwealth Mindful Philanthropy Group, Phil has supported advancement efforts for organizations in the contemplative sector such as InsightLA, Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, the Holistic Life Foundation, Calmer Choice, and Minds, Inc.

Phil is a longtime student of the Buddhadharma, having begun practicing in 1997 at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center (Cambridge, MA). In his practice, he embraces as fully as is humanly possible the Five Precepts, including the First Precept and its exhortation to refrain from killing living beings. Phil also serves on the advisory board for Inward Bound Mindfulness Education, as well as on the boards of directors of the Bucks County (PA) Buddhist Sangha, and New York Insight Meditation Center.

contributor_maryMary Wilder has been a graphic designer for over twenty-five years, and is an avid supporter and friend of DVA. Mary is very honored for the opportunity to support the DVA cause by developing the Dharma Voices for Animals website. 


DVA Members


Ven. Drolma – Perth, Australia
Bhante Sujato – Perth, Australia
Venerable Thich Phuoc Tan – Braybrook, Victoria, Australia

Ven. Asim Baron – Chittagong, Bangladesh
Bhikkhu Buddhananda – Chittagong, Bangladesh
Ven. Shanghananda – Chittagong, Bangladesh

Khedrup Rinpoche – Thimphu, Bhutan

Bhante J. Nugegalayaye – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Guruma Bodhi Sakyadhita – St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
Bhante Seevali – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Bhante Bodhidhamma – Minsterley, Shropshire, United Kingdom
Ven. Gelong Ngedon Drime – East Ayton, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Christopher Titmuss – Totnes, Devon, England
Ani Tsondru – United Kingdom

Ven. Gyalten Choedrak – Hannover, Germany
Bhiksu Thich Dong Hoa – Berlin, Germany
Geshe Ngawang Thapkhe – Cologne, Germany

Ven. Dr. Bhadant Rahul Bodhi – Mumbai, India
Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo – Palampur, District Kangra, India
Geshe Thupten Phelgye – Bylakuppe, India

Taehye Sunim – La Spezia, Italy

Ven. Siriratana Badallegame – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ven. Siriwimala Badullegama – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ven. Wu Chang – Penang, Malaysia
Ven. Choo Voon Leek – Negri Sembilan, Malaysia
Ven. Kai Lek – Penang, Malaysia
Ven. Bootawatte Saranankara – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ven. Kotawila Siridhamma, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ven. Wei Wu – Penang, Malaysia
Ven. Zhenxiu – Penang, Malaysia

Kamala Lama – Kathmandu, Nepal
*Chatral Rinpoche – Kathmandu, Nepal
Venerable Metteyya Sakyaputta, Nepal

Ven. Shravasti Dhammika – Singapore

Ven. Musang Beophyeon – Seoul, South Korea

Ven. Phra Anil Sakya – Thailand
Ven. Chuanfa Shih – Taipei, Taiwan
Ven. Shi Zhanli – Keelung City, Taiwan

Ven. Homapola Mahindaloka Thero – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Rev. Pannawansa Thero – Ratmalana, Sri Lanka
Ven. Vajiraramaye Nanasiha Thero, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka
Ven. Y. Wimalarathana Thero – Thimbirigaskatuwa, Sri Lanka

Anandajoti Bikkhu – Thailand

Guy Armstrong – Woodacre, CA, USA
Sally Armstrong – Woodacre, CA, USA
James Baraz, Berkeley, CA, USA
Devin Berry – Berkeley, California, USA
Sandy Boucher – Oakland, CA, USA
Tara Brach – Washington, D.C. metro area
Sister Helen Cummings – Mount Shasta, CA, USA
*Ruth Denison – Joshua Tree, CA, USA
Losang Donddrub – Fairfax, Virginia, USA
Bhante Henepola Gunaratana – West Virginia, USA
George Haas – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Ven. Ayya Jayati – Placerville, CA, USA
Kittisaro – Sebastopol, CA, USA
Tashi Nyima – Dallas, Texas, USA
Ven. Dr. Jongmae Park – Anaheim Hills, CA, USA
Bhante Rahula, Riverside, CA, USA
Dr. Larry Rosenberg – Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Bhante Sathi – Mankato, Minnesota, USA
Richard Shankman – Oakland, CA, USA
Ven. Heng Shun – Talmadge, CA, USA
Bob Stahl – Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Rev. Heng Sure – Berkeley, CA, USA
Venerable Losang Tendrol – Reston, Virginia, USA
Thanissara – Sebastopol, CA, USA
Ven. Thich Tin Man – San Marcos, CA, USA
Rinchen Tsultrim – Dallas, Texas, USA
Lama Yeshe Wangmo, Ocean View, Hawaii, USA
Spring Washam – Oakland, CA, USA
Ven. Heng Yin – Ukiah CA, USA

Ven. Thich Kien Dinh – Hue City, Vietnam
Ven. Thich Thanh Huan – Hanoi, Vietnam



UNITED STATES (States are in alphabetical order)

Patricia Bentley – Crane Hill, Alabama, USA
Veronica Diaz – Mobile, Alabama, USA
Joan Dixon – Mobile, Alabama, USA
Tracey Glover – Mobile, Alabama, USA
Anjie Gonzales – Fairhope, Alabama, USA
Elizabeth Weller – Madison, Alabama, USA

Carol Baumer – Kenai, Alaska, USA
Michelle Harrington – Barrow, Alaska, USA

Robert Baxter – Goodyear, Arizona, USA
Shivadam Burke – Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Kami Cass – Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Nan Collins – Kingman, Arizona, USA
Claudia Delemont – Flagstaff, Ariziona, USA
Christopher Dennis – Mesa, Arizona, USA
Adam Ecuyer – Sedona, Arizona, USA
Rama Ganesan – Tucson, Arizona, USA
Ellie Hospodarsky – Tucson, Arizona, USA
Nikki Hunyady – Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Dr Joanne Kyouji – Cacciatore, Arizona, USA
Ryan Martin – Tempe, Arizona, USA
Genoveva Martinez – Tucson, Arizona, USA
Paul McClelland – Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
Jean Myers – Yuma, Arizona, USA
Carl Myers – Yuma, Arizona, USA
Cheryl Randolph – Mesa, Arizona, USA
Tammy Robertson – Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Robert Andrews – Sherwood, Arkansas, USA
Kathryn Smyly – Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA

Shae Alai – Cardiff, CA, USA
Lia Albo – Redding, CA, USA
Lindsey Alexander – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Jan Allegretti – Ukiah, CA, USA
Renee Altson – San Diego, CA, USA
Tim Anderson – Oakland, CA, USA
Kalie Andres – Fairfax, CA, USA
Tim Andres – Woodacre, CA, USA
Bob Antalek – Daly City, CA, USA
Lakshmi Ariaratnam – Chico, CA, USA
Stephanie Ariel – Richmond, CA, USA
Guy Armstrong – Woodacre, CA, USA
Sally Armstrong – Woodacre, CA, USA
Elizabeth Aronson – CA, USA
Cynthia Ashley – Oakland, CA, USA
Matt Aspen – CA, USA
Debbi Ast – Topanga, CA, USA
Vicki Autumn – Alameda, CA, USA
David Avihinsa – CA, USA
Genna Azimi – CA, USA
Amit Bakshi – San Francisco, CA, USA
James Baraz, Berkeley, CA, USA
Kiran Barua – Long Beach, CA, USA
Robert Be – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Janet Beach – Napa, CA, USA
Robert Beach – Napa, CA, USA
Andrew Bear – San Jose, CA, USA
Charlotte Bear – San Jose, CA, USA
Karen Beasley – Santa Paula, CA, USA
Mandara Bechek – Encinitas, CA, USA
Michael Bedar – Hayward, CA, USA
Baron Beezley – Spring Valley, CA, USA
Jelane Berget – San Jose, CA, USA
Cheri Berry – Escondido, CA, USA
Devin Berry – Berkeley, CA, USA
Marcia Biller – San Diego, CA, USA
Alexis Birrell – West Sacramento, CA, USA
Rick Bland – San Clemente, CA, USA
David Blatte – Ukiah, CA, USA
Robert Blumberg – Cardiff by the Sea, CA, USA
Darina Bockman – San Diego, CA, USA
Hope Bohanec – Penngrove, CA, USA
Thuy-Linh Bowman – San Diego, CA, USA
Lori Brady – San Diego, CA, USA
Corbett Braffin – Cathedral City, CA, USA
Fred Branaman – Alameda, CA, USA
Matt Brand – San Diego, CA, USA
Meredith Breeden – Martinez, CA, USA
Claire Brees – San Francisco, CA, USA
Patti Breitman – Fairfax, CA, USA
Chris Brickett – San Diego, CA, USA
Deborah Brister – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Nancy Brockington – Arcata, CA, USA
Ronda Dynice Brooks – Lomita, CA, USA
Doug Brown – Mill Valley, CA, USA
Hugh Brown – Greenville, CA, USA
Joy Brown – Greenville, CA, USA
Ralph Brown Jr. – Studio City, CA, USA
Laurie Burke – Oceanside, CA, USA
Meg Burt – Berkeley, CA, USA
Jennifer Busam – San Jose, CA, USA
Morgan Bustillos – CA, USA
Julie Callahan – Santa Cruz, CA USA
Stephan Calnan – Emeryville, CA, USA
Charlsey Cartwright – Sacramento, CA, USA
Paula Castro – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Leni Cellini – Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Laura Chakerian – Los Altos, CA, USA
Ian Challis – Palm Springs, CA, USA
Royce Chan – Milpitas, CA, USA
Anna Chang – Irvine, CA, USA
Angelina Chin – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Judith Ciani Smith – CA, USA
Erick Collins – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Andrea Columbu – Pleasant Hill, CA, USA
Lawrence Condon – Concord, CA, USA
Don Conkling – San Bruno, CA, USA
Margo Cooper – Grass Valley, CA, USA
Elizabeth Cornell – Beverly Hills, CA, USA
Analia Corrales – San Diego, CA, USA
Dennis Crean Jr. – Redwood Valley, CA, USA
Ari Crellin – Oakland, CA, USA
Candy Crouch – Encinitas, CA, USA
Sister Helen Cummings – Mount Shasta, CA, USA
Dalila Cunha – Mill Valley, CA, USA
Lynne Dagostino – San Marcos, CA, USA
Kate Danaher – San Rafael, CA, USA
Anita Dancoff – San Diego, CA, USA
Peta Danvers – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Davy Davidson – Los Altos Hills, CA, USA
Jake Davis – Chico, CA, USA
Mathew Davis – Woodacre, CA, USA
Joshua Dayhoff – Newport Beach, CA, USA
Victor de Vlaming – Sacramento, CA, USA
Dennis Dean – Cardiff by the Sea, CA, USA
Robyn Deanson – Berkeley, CA, USA
Gary DeFoe – Tipton, CA, USA
Dexter Delmonte – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Sara Diamond – San Francisco, CA, USA
Alba Lucia Diaz – San Diego, California, USA
Bill Donat – Sacramento, CA, USA
Geri Dunatov – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Cynthia Embree-Lavoie – Sacramento, CA, USA
Sharon Engel – Ojai, CA, USA
Susan Estrella – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Mark Estes – Oakland, CA, USA
Jay Evans – Spring Valley, CA, USA
Joyce Faidley – Sacramento, CA, USA
Gina Fairley – San Diego, CA
Vincent Fang – Santa Ana, CA, USA
Vitskaia Fernandes – Nevada City, CA, USA
James Field – San Marcos, CA, USA
Mary Finch – Aromas, CA, USA
Carolyn Finn Mitchell – San Jose, CA, USA
Todd Fisk – San Diego, CA, USA
Molly Flanagan – Oakland, CA, USA
Janice Flatto – Santa Rosa, CA, USA
Kathy Folk – San Diego, CA, USA
Ron Foster – Escondido, CA, USA
Suza Francina – Ojai, CA, USA
Nancy Francis – San Diego, CA, USA
Eilene Franco-Brooks – Paradise, CA, USA
Kelly Frazier – Callistoga, CA, USA
Sheila Fugard – Del Mar, CA, USA
Rima Fujita – San Diego, CA, USA
Kyle Fujisawa, – Anaheim, CA, USA
Maria Fustero – San Diego, CA, USA

Bhashinee Garg – Oakland, CA, USA
Nathan Garrett – Los Angles, CA, USA
Al Garza – Escondido, CA, USA
Steve Gelb – San Diego, CA, USA
Genese Gentry – Fairfax, CA, USA
Jack Gescheidt – San Geronimo, CA, USA
Cynthia Gladstone – Oceanside, CA, USA
Dennis Gleason – La Mesa, CA, USA
Marlene Goff – Sacramento, CA, USA
Roger Grace – Lake Elsinmore, CA, USA
Martin Green – San Diego, CA, USA
Harriette Greene – Fairfax, CA, USA
Sampson Grey – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Charmaine Griffith – San Diego, CA, USA
Mara Guccione, Berkeley, CA, USA
Evan Guetz – San Diego, CA, USA
Indira Gunasekera – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Mahinda Gunasekera – Davis, CA, USA
Lama Jigme Gyatso – North Hollywood, CA, USA
Stacy Hall – San Diego, CA, USA
Kristina Hancock – La Jolla, CA, USA
Heather Hanks – Fairfield, CA, USA
Kathryn Hargreaves – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Eileen Harrington – Rohnert Park, CA, USA
Lisa Hartman – San Diego, CA, USA
Tara Hawk – Novato, CA, USA
Bettina Heitmann – San Diego, CA, USA
Elizabeth Heitner – San Anselmo, CA, USA
Dale Hendrickson – Van Nuys, CA, USA
Kokyo Henkel – Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Kathlene Henry-Gorman – Cambria, CA, USA
Nakula Hertz – Ukiah, CA, USA
Zuza Hicks – Elk Grove, CA, USA
David Higgins – San Diego, CA, USA
Susan Hill – Van Nuys, CA, USA
Helen Ho – Irvine, CA, USA
Scott Hobbs – Santa Monica, CA, USA
Cody Hoff – Mount Shasta, CA, USA
Victoria Holman – San Geronimo, CA, USA
Chris Hood – Chico, CA, USA
Brittany Howze – San Francisco, CA, USA
Funie Hsu – Bay Area, CA, USA
Pat Huey – San Francisco, CA, USA
Ann Irani – San Diego, CA, USA
Bob Isaacson – Solana Beach, CA, USA
Karen Jacques – Sacramento, CA, USA
Sunil Jayasinghe – Bradbury, CA, USA
Berget Jelane – San Jose, CA, USA
Heather Jimenez – Pacifica, CA, USA
Patricia Joanides – Woodacre, CA, USA
Beth Johnson – Vista, CA, USA
Shaun Johnson – Oakland, CA, USA
Molly Jordan – Grass Valley, CA, USA
Charity Kahn – San Francisco, CA, USA
Julia Katawazi – Valley Center, CA, USA
Mousqa Katawazi – Valley Center, CA, USA
Lisa Katter-Jackson – Encinitas, CA, USA
Eileen Kenney – Inglewood, CA, USA
Steve Keyes – CA, USA
Kendal Knopf – CA, USA
Christian Kohler – Oakland, CA, USA
Jade Kiran – San Francisco, CA, USA
Elena Knox – Pioneer, CA, USA
Shirley Kociencki – San Diego, CA, USA
Diane Kody – CA, USA
Lisa Kogan – San Diego, CA, USA
Donna Koontz – CA, USA
Marilyn Kroplick – Calabasas, CA, USA
Peter Kuhn – San Diego, CA, USA
Irene Ladasky – San Jose, CA, USA
Lester Lagda – Hesperia, CA, USA
Meriel Lansdale – Magalia, CA, USA
Ron Landsel – Oceanside, CA, USA
Isabella LaRocca – Berkeley, CA, USA
Kameri Larson – San Diego, CA, USA
Kin Lee – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Maggie Lee – San Diego, CA, USA
Hassna Leelarathna – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Sharie Lesniak – Sacramento, CA, USA
Tracy Lesperance – Fair Oaks, CA, USA
Mordy Levine – Rancho Sante Fe, CA, USA
Lisa Levinson – Malibu, CA, USA
Matthew Liebman – El Cerrito, CA, USA
Peggy Lind – Campo, CA, USA
Leigh Ann Lipscomb – Chico, CA, USA
Chuck Little – Oceanside, CA, USA
Shanna Livermore – Pasadena, CA, USA
Karen Lohmann – Corte Madera, CA, USA
Pat Long – Sacramento, CA, USA
Alice Lucas – Fairfax, CA, USA
Janis Lynne – Petaluma, CA, USA
Ananda Mahinkanda – Lake Elsinore, CA, USA
Laura Mallgren – San Diego, CA, USA
Susan Marcus – San Diego, CA, USA
Bonnie Margay Burke – San Diego, CA, USA
Marco Marques – Chula Vista, CA, USA
Terry Matz – Valley Village, CA, USA
Kathy Mayo – North Tustin, CA, USA
Margarita Mazaracki – Novato, CA, USA
Meredith McCarty – Novato, CA, USA
Robert McClure – San Diego, CA, USA
Traci McKnight – Oceanside, CA, USA
Dana Lee McFadden – Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Angie Medina – Manteca, CA, USA
Pan Meigi – San Gabriel, CA, USA
Carol Merryfield – Tahoe City, CA, USA
John Merryfield – Tahoe City, CA, USA
Keith Mesecher – San Diego, CA, USA
Patricia Michals – Encinitas, CA, USA
David Miles – San Diego, CA, USA
Raquelle Miller – San Francisco, CA, USA
Florinda Mintz – Escondido, CA, USA
Jim Montgomery – Redondo Beach, CA, USA
Mara Moon – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Joshua Morales Katawazi – Valley Center, CA, USA
Angela Morelli – Ukiah, CA, USA
Sherry Morgado – Chico, CA, USA
Hannah Morgan – Richmond, CA, USA
Julia Morgan – Encinitas, CA, USA
Savannah Morgan – Rough and Ready, CA, USA
Carol Moss – Malibu, CA, USA
Franny Mullen – Chico, CA, USA
Vasu Murti – Oakland, CA, USA
Barbara Muselli – CA, USA
Erica Nielsen – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Jennifer Neilson – La Jolla, CA, USA
Ariel Nessel – Ross, CA, USA
Ryiah Nevo – Oakland, CA, USA
Holly Newton – San Diego, CA, USA
Scott Newton – San Diego, CA, USA
Akitoshi Nguyen – Irvine, CA, USA
Olivier Nguyen – San Diego, CA, USA
Thanh Nguyen – Orinda, CA, USA
Elia Nicolaev – Encinitas, CA, USA
Erica Nielsen – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Merissa Niewzal – Simi Valley, CA, USA
Jennifer Niles – Berkeley, CA, USA
S Nobbman – San Jose, CA, USA
Sonata Nunes – Grass Valley, CA, USA
Vera Ockenfels – Berkeley, CA, USA
Nick Odom – Falbrook, CA, USA
Margaret O’Keefe – Oceanside, CA, USA
Maureen Okicki – Stanford, CA, USA
Marie Oser – Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
Theresa Owens – Napa, CA, USA
Larry Gilbert Pahl – Petaluma, CA, USA
Gina Palencar – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Gary Palisch – Encinitas, CA, USA
Birju Pandya – Berkeley, CA, USA
Darny Panyasith – San Diego, CA, USA
Ven. Dr. Jongmae Park – Anaheim Hills, CA, USA
Kathy Park – Oakland, CA, USA
Janette Lyne Parkes – Seal Beach, CA, USA
Sharon Patterson – Solana Beach, CA, USA
William Peck – Soquel, CA, USA
Michael Percy – Serpentine, CA, USA
Lee Perrone, Sacramento, CA, USA
Josephine Perry – Berkeley, CA, USA
Sara Petty – El Cerrito, CA, USA
Amy Pfaffman – San Geronimo, CA, USA
Ha Phan – San Diego, CA, USA
Leanne Phanma – Santa Anna, CA, USA
Megan Pincus Kajitani – Carlsbad, CA, USA
Donald Pitts – Laguna Woods, CA, USA
Ian Ponder – San Diego, CA, USA
Diana Pope – Chico, CA, USA
Shannon Pope – Chico, CA, USA
Kamal Prasad – Santa Rosa, CA, USA
Kathleen Pratt – Palm Dessert, CA, USA
Tracy Principi – Sacamento, CA, USA
Carl Provder – Encinitas, CA, USA
Bao Qi – Walnut, CA, USA
Anh Quach – Rosemead, CA, USA
Alby Quinlan – Encinitas, CA, USA
*Jean Rabenold – Oceanside, CA, USA
Cindy Read – San Francisco, CA, USA
Angel Reed – San Francisco, CA, USA
Elizabeth Reis – Oakland, CA, USA
Lambing Rhodes – Pleasanton, CA, USA
Ale Ricardez – Spring Valley, CA, USA
Cynthia Rich – San Diego, CA, USA
Dr. Ruth Richards – Berkeley, CA, USA
Ionna Richmond – Muir Beach, CA, USA
Deborah Riggins – Senoma, CA, USA
Julia Riley, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Michael Riser – Oroville, CA, USA
Allison Rivers Samson – Nevada City, CA, USA
Alicia Robb – San Rafael, CA, USA
John Robbins – Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Ocean Robbins – Soquel, CA, USA
Larry Roben – Saratoga, Florida, USA
James Roberts – Ukiah, CA, USA
Debra Rodgers – Rosemead, CA, USA
Sabitre Rodriguez – Sacramento, CA, USA
Healah Rose – San Jose, CA, USA
Holly Rose – Alameda, CA, USA
Jaclyn Rosen – Hermosa Beach, CA, USA
Stan Rosenfeld – Fairfax, CA, USA
Andrew Roth – San Diego, CA, USA
Jordan Rothstein – Berkeley, CA, USA
Charles Rubin – Bodega Bay, CA, USA
Matt Russell – Davis, CA, USA
Linda Rust – Willow Springs, CA, USA
Ana Monica Ryan – San Francisco, CA, USA
Jeri Ryan – Oakland, CA, USA
Joyce Ryder – Del Mar, CA, USA
Deborah Salazar-Shapiro – San Diego, CA, USA
Robin Sales – Encinitas, CA, USA
John Salerno-White – Vacaville, CA, USA
Laurel Salerno-White – Vacaville, CA, USA
Natasha Sankovitch – La Jolla, CA, USA
Linda Sarkadi – Fairfax, CA, USA
Nathan Schierbeek – Chico, CA, USA
Sandra Schrift – San Diego, CA, USA
Alan Schuchman – San Diego, CA, USA
Sara Schweizer – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Tony Serebriany – Carlsbad, CA, USA
Jina Shah – Oakland, CA, USA
Ashley Sharp – Richmond, CA, USA
Judy Shipley – Galt, CA, USA
Elaine Silver – San Bruno, CA, USA
Deborah Smaller – San Diego, CA, USA
Diane Small-Hillier – Greenbrae, CA, USA
Rick Smedstad – Rancho Mirage, CA, USA
Jolene Smith – Oceanside, CA, USA
Juliet Smith – Bodega Bay, CA, USA
Gina Sodergren – Pasadena, CA, USA
Lisa Soldavinbi – Petaluma, CA, USA
Naomi Sophia – Solana Beach, CA, USA
Karen Stanley – Santa Rosa, CA, USA
Dianna Steen – San Francisco, CA, USA
Stuart Steinfeld – Encinitas, CA, USA
Philip Steir – San Francisco, CA, USA
Sue Stern – San Diego, CA, USA
Kim Sturla – Grass Valley, CA, USA
Steve Sturla – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Esther Suarez – Berkeley, CA, USA
Stephanie Sullivan – Carlsbad, CA, USA
Kathryn Szydlowski – Half Moon Bay, CA, USA
Jessica Tafolla – Fairfield, CA, USA
Priya Tallam – CA, USA
Josh Taylor – San Diego, CA, USA
Justin Taylor – San Pablo, CA, USA
Larry Taylor – San Diego, CA, USA
Mat Thomas – San Francisco, CA, USA
Tom Tieu – Ukiah, CA, USA
Simon Timony – San Francisco, CA, USA
Elayne Tingey – Nevada City, CA, USA
Alex Tiphajachman – Hayward, CA, USA
Tritia To – Rosemead, CA, USA
Ava Torre-Bueno – San Diego, CA, USA
Rochelle Tran – Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA
Shanna Trenholm – San Diego, CA, USA
Troy Truong – San Diego, CA, USA
Talita Trygsland – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Tsering Lama – Richmond, CA, USA
Julie Tsui – Van Nuys, CA, USA
Beverly Tuazon – San Diego, CA, USA
Will Tuttle – Healdsburg, CA, USA
Adi Tzur – Mountain View, CA, USA
Setu Upadhya – Oakland, CA, USA
Deborah Uytiepo – San Rafael, CA, USA
Anikka Valecourt – San Diego, CA, USA
Mary Jean Valente – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Karen Van Dyke – Forestville, CA, USA
Keaven Van Lom – Truckee, CA, USA
Margaret van der Bie – Chico, CA, USA
Lisa Vargas – San Ramon, CA, USA
Amy Vegan – Pacifica, CA, USA
Trung An Vien – San Jose, CA, USA
Lisa Vincent – San Francisco, CA, USA
Kate Vosti – San Diego, CA, USA
Lindsay Vurek – Oakland, CA, USA
Teresa Wagner – Carmel, CA, USA
Talia Walsmith – Oakland, CA, USA
Lori Ward – Sacramento, CA, USA
Michelle Waters – CA, USA
Mark Weber-Bodzislaw – Rosemead, CA, USA
Beverly Webman – Santa Monica, CA, USA
Allison Weiss – Berkeley, California, USA
Kyle Wesendorf – Solana Beach, CA, USA
Debbie Westcott – Oceanside, CA, USA
Robert Whitaker – West Sacramento, CA, USA
Victor White – San Diego, CA, USA
Linda Whittinghill – San Marcos, CA, USA
Diane Wilde – Sacramento, CA, USA
Angela Williams – Malibu, CA, USA
Justin Williams – San Francisco, CA, USA
Karen Wilson – Chico, CA, USA
Pearl Win – CA, USA
Ed Wirpsza – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Anita Wucinic-Turner – San Diego, CA, USA
Marge Wurgel – San Diego, CA, USA
Ray Xavier – San Francisco, CA, USA
Xu Yang-Vincent – San Diego, CA, USA
Karma Yeshe – San Francisco, CA, USA
Cathleen Young – Berkeley, CA, USA
Herb Zapata – Escondido, CA, USA
Yang Zhan – Monterey Park, CA, USA
Alexander Zhuang – Alhambra, CA, USA
Brett Zimmerman – San Diego, CA, USA
Karma Zopa – Garden Grove, CA, USA
Kathryn Zwers – Santa Paula, CA, USA

Richard Baer – Littleton, Colorado, USA
Jim Bolton – Durango, Colorado, USA
Jim Brewer – Englewood, Colorado
Natalie Cartledge – Colorado, USA
Susan Dietrich Schneider – La Junta, Colorado, USA
Diana George – Colorado, USA
Kate Lawrence – Denver, Colorado, USA
Pam Murdock – Denver, Colorado, USA
Mark Patrick – Mancos, Colorado, USA
Oscar Robinson – Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Alex Seleznov – Lockbuie, Colorado, USA
Erica Sodos – Westminster, CO, USA
Ken Summers – Florissant, Colorado, USA

Patricia Austin – Norwalk, Connecticut, USA
Stacy Blake – Milford, Connecticut, USA
Teresa Bracken – New Haven Connecticut, USA
Vincent Cangiano – New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Doreen Fleming – Monroe, Connecticut USA
Claudia Frutuoso – Avon, Connecticut, USA
Jackie G. – Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
Loretta Gleason – Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA
Rossana Guizzo – Monroe, Connecticut, USA
Cindy Hoppe – Stamford, Connecticut, USA
Wendy Horowitz – New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Brian Knobler – Wallingford, Connecticut, USA
Elizabeth Laser – Falls Village, Connecticut, USA
Frederick Laser – Falls Village, Connecticut, USA
Mary Lawrence – Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Annika Lundkvist – West Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Chris Mixon – Newtown, Connecticut, USA
Megan Robbins, Shelton, Connecticutt, USA
Maria Satterwhite – New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Jerry Sawyer – Stratford, Connecticut, USA
Maryann Wotton – Hamden, Connecticut, USA
Donna Wrubel – Bethany, Connecticut, USA

Jerry Abrams – Hallandale, Florida, USA
Michael Adolff – Gibsonton, Florida, USA
Myke Andrew – Port Richey, Florida, USA
Malerie Bleich – Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Debra Bouton – Spring Hill, Florida, USA
Valerie Caskey – Daytona Beach, Florida, USA
Sylvia Chab – Hollywood, Florida, USA
Robin Cohen – Boynton Beach, Florida, USA
Carol Cox – Orlando, Florida, USA
Alexandra Dubur – Gainsville, Florida, USA
Bryan Freehling – Wilton Manors, Florida, USA
James Gaetano – Clearwater, Florida, USA
Tim Hamm – Tampa, Florida, USA
Deborrah Hoag – Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Terry Hutnick – Florida, USA
Ron Lofurno – Lake Worth, Florida, USA
Catherine Paalvast – Spring Hill, Florida, USA
John Reeves – Chiefland, Florida, USA
Larry Roben – Saratoga, Florida, USA
Noah D.M. Sanchez – Tampa, Florida, USA
Frank Tedesco – Largo, Florida, USA

Linda Davis – Santee, Georgia, USA
Arlene Meyer – Savannah, Georgia, USA
Vanessa Molina – Madison, Georgia, USA
Dmitriy Perlin – Woodstock, Georgia, USA
Wotico Tristan – Atlanta, GA, USA

Terry Bear – Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Pamela Davis – Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Kanthi de Alwis – Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Truman Do – Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Molly Gluek – Mililani, Hawaii, USA
Shodo Jishin – Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA
Leigh Lasher – Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Stephanie Nolff – Kea’au, Hawaii, USA
Randyl Rupar – Honaunau, Hawaii, USA
Mary Wilder – Kauai, Hawaii, USA

Connie Chambers – Eagle, Idaho, USA

Sean Austin – McHenry, Illinois, USA
Michael Benjamin – Rockford, Illinois, USA
Alex Bernstein – Chicago, Illinois, USA
Anne Boguslavsky – Glenview, Illinois, USA
Terri Cramer – Chicago, Illinois, USA
John Deetjen – Grayslake, Illinois, USA
Bonnie DeMaio – Rockford, Illinois, USA
Linda Freeman – Edwardsville, Illinois, USA
Mike Dorschmid – Glen Ellyn, Illinois, USA
Ashwani Garg – Hoffman Estates, Illinois, USA
Julie Gibson – Woodstock, Illinois, USA
Mark Gillono – Aurora, Illinois, USA
Petroula Homatas – Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA
Evelyn Hunter – Capron, Illinois, USA
Kimberly Hurschik – Plainville, Illinois, USA
James Kasper – Joliet, Illinois, USA
Ksanti Kensho – Evanston, Illinois, USA
John Kightlinger – Mt. Prospect, Illinois, USA
Susan Klouda – Woodstock, Illinois, USA
Justin Matulonis – Waukegan, Illinois, USA
Alan McGhee – Chicago, Illinois, USA
Domevelo Muenda – Indianapolis, Illinois, USA
Sarah Peterman – Rolling Meadows, Illinois, USA
Mary Ann Peters – Aurora, Ilinois, USA
Michael Peters – Chicago, Illinois, USA
John Pfeiffer – Chicago, Illinois, USA
John Pierre – Illinois, USA
Jayne Poplett – River Forest, Illinois, USA
Anni Poppen – Champaign, Illinois, USA
Paul Rose – Chicago, Illinois, USA
Vicki Seglin – Evanston, Illinois, USA
Rachel Shippee – Wauconda, Illinois, USA
Len Smith – Chicago, Illinois, USA
Keith Spielfogel – Chicago, Illinois, USA
Susan Stump – Wilmette, Illinois, USA
Jennifer Thierman – Glenview, Illinois, USA
Shawn Tinder – Rockford, Illinois, USA
Jan Willer – Chicago, Illinois, USA
Julie Wright – Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA
Dave Zobott – Bartlett, Illinois, USA

Mary Ann Crayton – Chesterton, Indiana, USA
Ray Eaton – Warsaw, Indiana, USA
Pat Forgacs – Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Jason McDonald – Fishers, Indiana, USA
Domevelo Muenda – Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Michelle Schaefer – Lafayette, Indiana, USA

Christine Wolfe – Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA

Beth Redwood – Overland Park, Kansas, USA
Richard Ruth – Eastborough, Kansas, USA
Tanyanan Benjanaraseth Ruth, Eastborough, Kansas, USA

Diane Baumer – Florence, Kentucky, USA

Vicki Beechler – Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Jacqueline Nelson – Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
Ginger Prattini – Walker, Louisiana, USA
Richard Prejean – Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
Paul Stone – Covington, Louisiana, USA
Bonni Thompson – Natchitoches, Louisiana, USA
Stacey Willson – Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

Michael Angelone – Portland Maine, USA
Mark Chimsky – Portland, Maine, USA
David Dieffensach – Portland, Maine, USA
Michael Pickel – Falmouth, Maine, USA
Julie Swan – Brunswick, Maine, USA

Emily Anderson – Lothian, Maryland, USA
Alexandra Arbogast – Rockville, Maryland, USA
Daniel Denecke – North Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Lotusblossom duPont – Rockville, Maryland, USA
Craig Ehrlich – Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA
Rev. Ed Geraty – Timonium, Maryland, USA
Megan Gilana – Germantown, Maryland, USA
Amie LaPorte – Walkersville, Maryland, USA
*Norm Phelps – Funkstown, Maryland, USA
Catherine Raymond – Odenton, Maryland, USA
Brenda Saunders – Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Sarah Schain – Potomac, Maryland, USA
Heng Je Shr, Bethesda, Mayland, USA
Narjes Solomon – Edgewater, Maryland, USA
Susan Walters – Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Anna West – Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
Ann Wilson – Maryland, USA

Zack Barnes – Barre, Massachusetts, USA
Marilyn Castriotta – Northhampton, Massachusetts, USA
Rob Cichonski – Ludlow, Massachusetts, USA
Mary Dean – Northhampton, Massachusetts, USA
P. Howard Dilling – West Brookfield, Massachusetts, USA
Liliane Duran – Bedford, Massachusetts, USA
Lauren Emerson – Scituate, Massachusetts, USA
David Feldman – Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA
Julia Ginsburg – Amherst, Massachusetts, USA
P.L. Grafton – Massachusetts, USA
Daniel Gronwald – Noho, Massachusetts USA
Shaqe Kalaj – Leeds, Massachusetts, USA
Allan Kornberg – Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA
Victoria Mangus – Maynard, Massachusetts, USA
Kelley McGill – Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Philip Murphy – Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA
Gayla Neffinger – Amherst, Massachusetts, USA
Audry Pearson – Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA
Abby Power – Ashland, Massachusetts, USA
Nicholas Ribush – Lincoln, Massachusetts, USA
Zoe Rosenberger – Hadley, Massachusetts USA
Bri Rubero – Northhampton, Massachusetts, USA
Ed Rutledge – Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA
Stephen Synchronicity – Waltham, Massachusetts, USA
Wendy Worell – Gloucester, Massachusetts , USA,
Deborah Wright – Warwick, Massachusetts, USA
Carolyn Zaikowski – Easthampton, Massachusetts, USA

Billie Bussineau – West Bloomfield, Michigan, USA
John Bussineau – West Bloomfield, Michigan, USA
Joanne Dupuis – Gross Ile, Michigan, USA
Bobby Glanton – Southfield, Michigan, USA
Kevin Hickey – Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA
Heather Kennedy – Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Kirk Kennedy – Adrian, Michigan, USA
Brian Kirksey – Rochester Hill, Michigan, USA
Edmondus Koester – Saginaw, Michigan, USA
Renee Landuyt – Harper Woods, Michigan, USA
Joseph Palms – Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Todd Patterson – Detroit, Michigan, USA
Karen Siekas – Traverse City, Michigan, USA

Rachel Augusta – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Mark Berkson – St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Kristie Berg – Janesville, Minnesota, USA
Deane Curtin – St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Christine Coughlin – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Greta Gaard – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Paula Huerkamp – St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Gary Husom – Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
John Karn – Duluth, Minnesota, USA
Candace Keane – Duluth, Minnesota, USA
Breana Larson – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Jackie Lawrence – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Sharon Lemay – East Bethel, Minnesota, USA
Patty Martinson – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Laura Matanah – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Ted Meissner – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Kate Merseth – Minnesota, USA
Amy Pittack – Minnesota, USA
Annette Prieve – Princeton, Minnesota, USA
Heather Ridley – Eden Valley, Minnesota, USA
Bhante Sathi – Mankato, Minnesota, USA
Jessica Skyleson – Rehoboth, Minnesota, USA

Lynda Laurendine Meeks – Laurel Mississippi, USA

Walt Frampus Frye – Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Steve Haile – St. Peters, Missouri, USA
Karen Hansen, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Alexis Isenmann – Florissant, Missouri, USA
Timothy Post – Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Lynn Voss – Springfield, Missouri, USA
Pat Walden – Windsor, Missouri, USA

Mike Bittner – Bozeman, Montana, USA
John Hoag – Whitefish, Montana, USA
Kathleen Stachowski – Lolo, Montana, USA

Mark Robison – Reno, Nevada, USA
David Snyder – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Holy Aglialora – New Jersey, USA
Krystal Barnett – Newark, New Jersey, USA
Stephanie Budin – Collingswood, New Jersey, USA
Ben Burton – Oakland, New Jersey, USA
Alexandra Caban – New Jersey, USA
Karen Engelmeyer – Watchung, New Jersey, USA
Raymond Gregan – Haskell, New Jersey, USA
Richard Jaretsky – Clifton, New Jersey, USA
Robert Kanouse – Denville, New Jersey, USA
Dana Krauss – Montville, New Jersey, USA
Cheryl Lechtanski – Middletown- New Jersey, USA
Red M – Paramus, New Jersey, USA
Sally Malanga – West Orange, New Jersey, USA
Toni Marie Manzi – Franklin, New Jersey, USA
Chuck McCann – Franklin, New Jersey, USA
Angela Papasso – Farmingdale, New Jersey, USA
Ann Marie Papasso – Farmingdale, New Jersey, USA
Christine Parker – New Jersey, USA
Frank Todaro – Westfield, New Jersey, USA
DB Williams – Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA

Summer Alston – Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Katchie Ananda – Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA
Lana Bobele – Los Lunas, New Mexico, USA
Lava Buckley – Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Joe Gaziano – Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA
Sharada Hall – Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Gudrun Hoerig – Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA
Julia Kinney – Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA
Jacquie Lewis – Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA
Zili Mason – El Prado, New Mexico, USA
Kirsten McGee – Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA
Kenny Quinn, El Prado, New Mexico, USA
Sheila Remington – Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA
Debra Rosenman – Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA
Rae Sikora – Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA
Carrie Thompson – Tres Piedras, New Mexico, USA
Paul White – Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA

Sharon Azar – Brooklyn, New York, USA
Justyna Bartosinska – Brooklyn , New York, USA
Thomas Blackmon – New York, New York, USA
Donna Buscarello – Bayside, New York, USA
David Cabrera – New York, USA
Richard Canavan – New York, USA
Chia-Ju Chang – Brooklyn, New York, USA
Darby Charvat – New York, New York
Emma Cobb – New York, USA
Lauren Coleman – New York, New York, USA
Laurie Conrad – Rochester, New York, USA
Dennis Cordell – New York, New York, USA
Alice Culpepper – New York, New York, USA
Vanessa Dawson – Brooklyn, New York, USA
Jessica de Marville – Brooklyn, New York, USA
Ann Ellis – Apalachin, New York, USA
Casey Emerald – New York, New York, USA
Elizabeth Forel – Bronx, New York, USA
Upasaka Kamil Ghoshal – New York, New York, USA
William Gil – New York, USA
Michael Gold – Albany, CA, USA
Ali Gray – Albany, New York, USA
Marian Haley-Moss – New York, New York, USA
Hannah Haveman – Whitestone, New York, USA
Colleen Higgins – Fulton, New York, USA
Desmond Hosford – New York, New York, USA
Ella Kinsman – Brooklyn, New York, USA
Alexander Kostas – Astoria, New York, USA
Ken Leong – New York, New York, USA
Victoria MacDonald – Silver City, New Mexico, USA
Carol Michael – Saugerties, New York, USA
Gabriel Morgan – Albany, New York, New York
Roxy Newberry – Woodstock, New York, USA
Marilyn Nusbaum – New York, New York, USA
Holly Parker – Brooklyn, New York, USA
Elana Pessin – New York, New York, USA
Stacey Polacco – Great Neck, New York, USA
Melissa Ratisher – Greenwood Lake, New York, USA
Donna Reynolds – Castleton-on-Hudson, New York, USA
Leslie Simons – New Windsor, New York, USA
Debbie-Ann Smith – New Rochelle, New York, USA
Stephanie Stern – New York, New York, USA
Elise Stone – New York, New York, USA
Jodi Taylor – Geneva, New York, USA
Lynne Thermann – Claryville, New York, USA
Carol Michael Wade – Huntington, New York, USA
Courtney Walton – New York, New York, USA
Donna Wrubel – Bethany, New York
Maria Yee – Flushing, New York, USA

Lisa Robinson Bailey – Durham, North Carolina, USA
Nadine Bucich – Graham, North Carolina, USA
Kenneth Furr – Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Pamela Hedrick – Casar, North Carolina, USA
Joy LiBethe – Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Sasha McClure – Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, USA
Veronica Noechel – Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Kay Reibold – Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Eva Sharpe – Clayton, North Carolina, USA
Heather Sinclair – Leicester, North Carolina, USA
Andrea Smith – Cary, North Carolina, USA
John Swart – Ashville, North Carolina, USA
Maria Taylor – North Carolina, USA
Jampa Thubten- Charleston, North Carolina, USA
Jansem Thubten – Charleston, North Carolina, USA
Ashley Todd – Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Denise Whitcomb – Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, USA
Jamiw Wilkens – Kernersville, North Carolina, USA

Yamuna Christ – Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Asia Ferguson – Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Dan Flaningan – Reynoldsburg, Ohio, USA
Jeremy Genovese – Beachwood, Ohio, USA
Megan Johnson – Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA
Nelli Johnson – Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Karen Lee – Chesterfield, Ohio, USA
Jacqueline Moore – Mansfield, Ohio, USA
Margaret O’Kain – Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Susan Thabit – Ohio, USA
J D Thompson – Ohio, USA
Lesley Woodward – Rocky River, Ohio, USA

Paul Bowers – Ringwood, Oklahoma, USA
Sydney Bowers – Ringwood, Oklahoma, USA
Victor Parachin – Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Jesse White – Oklahoma, USA
Meg Wilson – Ramona, Oklahoma, USA

Maria Anderson – Salem, Oregon, USA
Helen Appell – Portland, Oregon, USA
Jessika Ava – Portland, Oregon, USA
Corinne Beuchet – Manzanita, Oregon, USA
Dylan Carlson – Portland, Oregon
Lyris Cooper – Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Christopher Doo – Portland, Oregon, USA
Erin Eberle – Portland, Oregon, USA
John Gordon – Salem, Oregon, USA
Eve Heidtmann – Portland, Oregon, USA
Lux/Whitney Holliday – Portland, Oregon, USA
Diana Huntington – Eugene, Oregon, USA
Paula Jolly – Portland, Oregon, USA
Geri Karow – Oregon, USA
Lee Longfellow – Oregon City, Oregon, USA
Dale Lugenbehl – Cottage Grove, OR, USA
Robin Marlowe – Mt. Tabor, Oregon, USA
Sharon Methvin – Portland, Oregon, USA
Heidi Nevin – Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Donna Nikzi – Portland, Oregon, USA
Michael Nivens – Portland, Oregon, USA
Angelica Ordonez – Portland, Oregon, USA
Jeanne Orr – Willamina, Oregon, USA
Ellen Radovic – Portland, Oregon USA
Patrick Ryan – Portland, Oregon, USA
Terri Shofner – Tualatin, Oregon, USA
Kim Smith – Eugene, Oregon, USA
Satya Vahu – Portland, Oregon, USA
Jake Wollheim – Portland, Oregon, USA

Alice Aronson – Renfrew, Pennsylvania, USA
Adele Chatelain – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Jeffrey Cohan – Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Fabienne Daniel – Muhlenberg, Pennsylvania, USA
Robert Erb – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Joshua Geesaman – Middletown, Pennsylvania, USA
Sandi Herman – Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, USA
Anna Ireland – State College, Pennsylvania, USA
Laurie Knight – Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Don Korobkin – Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, USA
Caroline Jones – Fairfield, Pennsylvania, USA
Leona Maury – Madison Twp., Pennsylvania, USA
Suzanne McAllister – Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, USA
Linda Merle – Arnold, Pennsylvania, USA
Sara Monaghan – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
P.A. Murphy – Yardley, Pennsylvania, USA
Paul Ni – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Anthony Scaletta – Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA
Deb Thompson – Wallingford, Pennsylvania, USA
Catherine White – Ligonier, Pennsylvania, USA
Lisa Williams – Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Jennifer Allegretto – Narragansett, Rhode Island, USA
Lenore Montanaro – North Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA
Denise Wiatrowski – Coventry, Rhode Island, USA

Jeanne Daly – Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA
Karola Spindler Clark – Irmo, South Carolina, USA
Grace Lorraine – Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Bonnie Scrudato – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
Michael Slusher – Aiken, South Carolina, USA

Paulette Callen – Webster, South Dakota, USA

Carole Greer – Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Marina Armstrong – Richardson, Texas, USA
Marjorie Asturias – Irving, Texas, USA
Pamela Bauman – Allen, Texas, USA
Al Baxter – Austin, Texas, USA
Traci Bilger – Euless, Texas, USA
Randall Browning – Dallas, Texas, USA
Myokei Caine-Barrett – Houston, Texas, USA
Dan Cook – Dallas, Texas, USA
Kristin Cooke – Wills Point, Texas, USA
Cheryla Coskie – Dallas, Texas, USA
Charlene Criner – Austin, Texas, USA
Barbara Culpepper – Edna, Texas, USA
Sundarananda Das – Houston, Texas, USA
Wendy DeOre – Dallas, Texas, USA
Theja Fanelli – The Colony, Texas, USA
Sue Greene-Keller – Arlington, Texas, USA
Gretchen Harwood – Richmond, Texas, USA
Melissa Kasper – Austin, Texas, USA
Brian Lochlaer – Irving, Texas, USA
Wendy Loven – Dallas, Texas, USA
Amy Maher – Lewisville, Texas, USA
Thayer McCaffree – Ft. Worth, Texas, USA
Parker McComas – Anna, Texas, USA
Nicole Menaul – Dallas, Texas, USA
Dennie Mildfeldt – Bandera, Texas, USA
Burl Norville – Austin, Texas, USA
Simone Parks – Dallas, Texas, USA
Martha Parsley – Dallas, Texas, USA
Jane Poss – El Paso, Texas, USA
Patrick Princess – Houston, Texas, USA
Kristine Gaenzle Salomone – Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Lisa Santos – San Marcos, Texas, USA
Lisa Santos – Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
Elizabet Sterner – Dallas, Texas, USA
Donna Talley – Murchison, Texas, USA
Sean Vidal – North Richland Hills, Texas, USA
Karen White – Houston, Texas, USA
Alma Williams – Houston, Texas, USA
Brenna Witt – Palmer, Texas, USA

Heidi Decker – Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Jason Gottfried – Cedar City, Utah, USA
Michelle Oveson – Provo, Utah, USA
JoAnne Rando-Moon – Kanab, Utah, USA
Elaine Winter – Cottonwood Heights, Utah, USA

Gregory Abbey – Vershire, Vermont, USA
Elaine Aranoff – Springfield, Vermont, USA
Sharon Kelly – Montpelier, Vermont, USA
Solomon Pesach – Marlboro, Vermont, USA
Bill Sargent – Lyndonville, Vermont, USA

Debbie Clark – Waynesboro, Virginia, USA
Losang Donddrub – Fairfax, Virginia, USA
Victoria Foote-Blackman – Falls Church, Virginia, USA
Jeffrey Fratcher – Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
Lynn Hancock – Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Molly Iris – Warrenton, Virginia, USA
Anna Johns – Falls Church, Virginia, USA
Jina Kim – Virginia, USA
Kerry Leavitt – Afton, Virginia, USA
Christine Lofgren – Raonoke, Virginia, USA
Gabriella Martinez – Manassas Park, Virginia, USA
D. Mason – Oak Grove, Virginia, USA
Johanna Moore – Fairfax Station, Virginia, USA
Noah Morgan – Henrico, Virginia, USA
Charmi Neely – Staunton, Virginia, USA
Bev Morrill Sabino – Sterling, Virginia, USA
David Savage – Vienna, Virginia, USA
Samanthie Silva – Centreville, Virginia, USA
Kim Slaby – Purcellville, Virginia, USA
Kimberley Smith – Woodbridge, Virginia, USA
Jennifer Torrealba – Front Royal, Virginia USA
Christina Waggaman – Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Norma Wallace – Richmond, Virginia, USA
Dave Walls – Annandale, Virginia, USA
Norma Whittaker – Vienna, Virginia, USA

Spencer Beard – Seattle, Washington, USA
Deborah Blair – Seattle, Washington, USA
Lyn Coffin – Seattle, Washington, USA
Debra Cox – Woodinville, Washington, USA
Deepal Eragoda – Burien, Washington, USA
Carrie Faifili – Tacoma, Washington, USA
Rick Fenczik – Seattle, Washington, USA
Katy Filippone – Seattle, Washington, USA
Ted Larson Freeman – Seattle, Washington, USA
Sandra Gardner – Seattle, Washington, USA
Sabrina Goodwin, Seattle, Washington, USA
Joel Hagedorn – Edmonds, Washington, USA
Sheila Hoffman – Seattle, Washington, USA
Hawk Jones – Vashon, Washington, USA
Kim Henry Karp – Bellingham, Washington, USA
Linda Kielland – Lake Stevens, Washington, USA
Jina Kim – Virginia, USA
Travis Linds – Bellingham, Washington, USA
Billy Lusk – Seattle, Washington, USA
Denis Martynowych – Seattle, Washington, USA
Sheila Morgan – Bellingham, Washington, USA
James Ottaway – Washington, USA
William Parkinson – Lake Stevens, Washington, USA
Rayne Pearson – Olympia, Washington, USA
Bill Preston – Seattle, Washington, USA
Erika Soerensen – Seattle, Washington, USA
Eileen Weintraub – Seattle, Washington, USA
Sadee Whip – Olympia, Washington, USA

Kristin Barker – Washington, DC, USA
Tara Brach – Washington, DC Metro area, USA
Joan Epstein – Washington, DC, USA
Valerie Grange – Washington, DC, USA
Annie Mahon – Washington, DC, USA
Rich Pliskin – Washington, DC, USA
Jonathan Rosenberg – Washington, D.C, USA
Susan Salek – Washington, DC, USA
Amy Smith – Washington, DC, USA
Sonia Zilberman – Washington, DC, USA

Mary Copley – Prichard, West Virginia, USA
Bhante Gunaratana – West Virginia, USA
Jayme Hess – West Virginia, USA

Jae Almond – Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Scott Anderson – Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, USA
Jamie Beining – Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Miles Beining – Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Sumiko Beining – Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Marina Drake – Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Anneliese Emerson – Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Lynn Harmet – Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Lorri Houston – Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Ann Jenson – Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, USA
Ellen Lafouge – Bayside, Wisconsin, USA
Zachary Larson, Cable, Wisconsin, USA
Joanne Lehman – Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Deborah Oberlin – Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Fred Ormondroyd – Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Carol Saunders – Sullivan, Wisconsin, USA
Bob Schwalb – Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Sonya Sidky – Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Sa Sa Silver – Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Andrew Smith – Cudahy, Wisconsin, USA
Gayatri Vaidyanathan – Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Jan Viney – Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Lisa West – Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Barbara Whitney – Madison Wisconsin, USA

Alec Hamilton – USA
Joe Murphy – USA
Nomali Perera – USA
Laura Rodgers – USA
Judith Ciani Smith – USA
Katie Stewart – USA

Rafael Cabella – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Leticia Di Pardo – Argentina
Kathy Hughes – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Luna Morena Lopardo – San Luis, Argentina

Tim Aarts – Serpentine, Western Australia, Australia
Isabel Adey – Perth, Australia
Jean-Luke Ah-Weng – Australia
Sanjeewa Alahakone – Cheltenham, NSW, Australia
Al Allen – Perth, Australia
Jak Amala – Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
Presanthi Ariyasinghe – Strathfield, New South Wales, Australia
Rashmilal Ariyasinghe – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Maria Arranz – Faulconbridge, New South Wales, Australia
Claudia Beltran – Perth, Australia
Pete Blake – Perth, Australia
Dylan Boyd-Tomlinson – Canning Vale, Western Australia, Australia
Barbara Brearley – Western Australia, Australia
Saraswati Calder – Australia
Virginia Calov – Australia
Chandrika Carnegie – Perth, Australia
Vanessa Carnegie – Perth, Australia
Dee Chak – Perth, Australia
Sam Chak – Perth, Australia
Tony Chew – Perth, Australia
Pauline Chia – Perth, Australia
Sau Chee Chiew – Perth, Australia
Phoebe Crane – Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia
Katina Czyczelis – Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Veronica Darmali – Dianella, Australia
Sharon Dean – Sydney, Australia
Joshua Doherty – Brisbane, Australia
Andy Duke – Beaconsfield, Western Australia, Australia
Kerryn Dunn – Scoresby, Victoria, Australia
Brenton Edgecombe – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Jacqueline Edgecombe – Melbourne, Australia
Den Finch-Walton – Australia
Donna Gahon – Perth, Australia
Michelle Gander – Perth, Australia
Elizabeth Gibbons – South Perth, Australia
Bianca Gibson – Victoria, Australia
Michael Glance – Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Gamani Goonetilleka – Asquith, New South Wales, Australia
Shane Green – Perth, Australia
Jill Grosche – Copacabana, New South Wales, Australia
Robin Grote – Brisbane, Australia
Julie Halse – Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia
Jacque Hanson – Gold Coast, Australia
Jacqui Haskayne – Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Verena Homberger – Kingsley, Australia
Jennifer Hood – Guildford, Australia
Tian Hoong – Perth, Australia
Wai Sam Hoong – Perth, Australia
Thomas Hoyer – Perth, Australia
Luke Hunter – Melbourne, Australia
Dekyi Jampa – Eudlo, Queensland, Australia
Dumal Kannangarc – Canning Vale, Western Australia, Australia
Yan Kho – Perth, Australia
Anita Krelle – Ballan, Victoria, Australia
Jon LaForgia – Adelaide, SA, Australia
Janny Lam – Perth, Australia
Brandden Lassells – Australia
Diana Lam – Perth, Australia
Imma Lamberti – Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Amy Lawrence – Lismore, NSW, Australia
Bobbie Lees – Roleystone, WA, Australia
Albert Mah – Perth, Australia
Dileepa Mahawithanage – Perth, Australia
Jan Mahoney – Hawthornden, Australia
Anna Markey – Goolwa, SA, Australia
Sa Ching Marma – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Denise Martin – Adelaide, Australia
Benjamin McCormick – Perth, Australia
Kim McCreanor – Australia
Stephen McCreanor – Australia
Lachlan McGill – Doncaster East, Victoria, Australia
Sabita Mishra – Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Wendy Morris – Perth, Australia
Karthik Murali – Perth, Australia
Anne Murphy – Perth, Australia
Stephen Murrell – Melbourne, Australia
Cendranata Ongkowijoyo – Perth, Australia
Tim Oseckas – Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Lesley Palmer – Toorak Gardens, SA, Australia
Raewyn Plackson – Perth, Australia
Jess Pope – Perth, Australia
Simon Power – Western Australia, Australia
Andrew Putnam – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Ann Roberts – Australia
Fiona Robins – Perth, Australia
Marc Robinson – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Shane Rofe – Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Kane Rogers – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
David Roland – Bangalow, Australia
Norbu Sangay – Perth (Bentley), Australia
Nathan Schram – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Catherine Scheutze – Eumundi, Queensland, Australia
Jenny Shipley – Perth, Australia
Neil Shipley – Perth, Australia
Ross Smith – Northern Rivers, Australia
Robert Smyth – Lilydale, Victoria, Australia
Annamaria Spano – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Michael Sullivan – Perth, Australia
James Stewart – Hobart, Australia
Konrad Szafranski – Perth, Australia
Max Tan – Perth, Australia
Poh Choo Tan – Perth, Australia
Dr. Siew Fong Tan – Perth, Australia
Swee-Lin Tan – Perth, Australia
Andrew Thomson – Perth, Australia
Joanne Thorpe – Fremantle, Western Australia
Nicole Tuhou – Pottsville, New South Wales, Australia
Paul Turner – Perth, Australia
Leonard Warren – Perth, Australia
Jo Watts – Perth, Australia
Lisa Way – Western Australia, Australia
Ariel Wee – Western Australia
Neil Whyte – Perth, Australia
Hiranthe Punya Wijeratne – Sydney, Australia
Steven Williams – Australia
Lai Ching Wong – Perth, Australia
Mei Wong – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Karen Wright – Melbourne, Australia
Morgan Yasbincek – Western Australia, Australia

Bernd Alfanz – Wiener Neustadt, Austria
Tanja Altreiter – Austria
Ernst Bachl – Vienna, Austria
Michaela Berger – Austria
Inge-Margareta Brenner – Graz, Austria
Birgit Covfal – Austria
Herbert Dauner – Vienna, Austria
Ranmal de Silva – Vienna, Austria
Peter Dibelka – Altmunster, Austria
Wolfgang Dirisamer – Linz, Upper Austria, Austria
Andreas Fischer – Vienna, Austria
Cornelia Fuchs – Lilienfeld, Austria
Martin Fuchs – Austria
Christine Gallauner – Harta, Austria
Martina Grabenweger – Pottenstein, Austria
Slvie Hansbauer – Vienna, Austria
Christine Hauke – Vienna, Austria
Ewald Herger – Pernitz, Austria
Gerald Heschi – Pitten, Austria
Leopold Hettlinger – Austria
Robert Hinterholzer – Vienna, Austria
Hanna Hoedl – Vienna, Austria
Suzanne Hoedl – Vienna, Austria
Geraldine Husa – Vienna, Austria
Christian Jandl – Neudorfl, Burgenland, Austria
Rene Kaube – Graz, Austria
Nicole Kogler – Austria
Marlene Konyen – Austria
Andrea Kunert – Vienna, Austria
Heidi Lacroix – Vienna, Austria
Olivia Ladinig – Austria
Imma Lamberti – Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Martin Leitner – Kritzendorf, Austria
Doris Leonbacher – Austria
Heinz Leopold Hoffman – Korneuburg, Austria
Heinz Leopold Korneuburg, Austria
Sylvester Lohninger – Gutenstein, Austria
Claudia Lutz – Vienna, Austria
Barbara Macek – Vienna, Austria
Sudarshanee Makalan – Austria
Martin Matt – Imst, Austria
Gunda Mullner – Vienna, Austria
Serena Oldeboom – Austria
Ulrike Orso – Austria
Angelika Ott – Hinzenbach, Austria
Thomas Panzenbock – Pernitz, Austria
Bernhard Pichler – Salzburg, Austria
Gert Pichler – Austria
Waltraud Pichler – Vienna, Austria
Silvia Pinter – Vienna, Austria
Karin Plischek – Vienna, Austria
Martina Prieler – Austria
Wolfgang Pucher – Etmiss, Austria
Germaid Puhr – Austria
Marion Reinitzhuber – Austria
Karoline Resch – Graz, Austria
Thomas Rosen – Vienna, Austria
Thomas Rotter – St. Johann, Austria
Petra Schloeglhofer – Austria
Alfred Schmidt – Vienna, Austria
Werner Schreivogl – Achau, Lower Austria, Austria
Veronika Schrodl – Vienna, Austria
Joachim Siart – Austria
Helmut Singer – Kirchstetten, Austria
Lucas Sturzenhofecker – Vienna, Austria
Gerhard Weissgrab – Kreuzstetten, Austria
Ilse Willinger – Pressbaum, Lower Austria, Austria
Andrea Wittmann – Sigmundsherberg, Niederosterreich, Austria
Roland Woelfle – Austria
Manuela Wurth – Vienna, Austria
Gerald Zupan – Klagenfurt, Austria

Ven. Shanghananda – Chittagong, Bangladesh
Ven. Asim Baron – Chittagong, Bangladesh
Bhikkhu Buddhananda – Chittagong, Bangladesh
Basumitra Barua – Bangladesh
Dr. Bikiran Prasad Barua, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Subrala Baran Barua – Chittagong, Bangladesh
Dr. Anupan Barua Sumiltananda Bhikkhu – Chittagong, Bangladesh
Sumedhananda Sraman – Chittagong, Bangladesh
Bijoy Shankar Talukder – Bangladesh

Dennis Barbion – Belgium
Lynna Quenda – Belgium
Ilse Ruyssers – Bercham, Antwerp, Belgium
Kitty Weyn – St Niklaas, Belgium

Bal Bahadur Bhandari – Bhutan
Sangay Chedup – Bhutan
Norbu Choden – Bhutan
Pelden Choden – Bhutan
Ugyen Choeda – Bidung Trashigang, Bhutan
Pema Choki – Bidung, Trashigang, Bhutan
Kencho Chophel – Bhutan
Sonam Dargay – Lhuentse, Bhutan
Deki Deki – Galing, Shongphu, Trashigang, Bhutan
Bumpa Dema – Bhutan
Choki Dema – Gongdue, Mongar, Bhutan
Kuenga Dendup – Shingkhar Zhemgang, Bhutan
Karsang Dorji – Bidung Trashigang, Bhutan
Ngawang Dorji – Bhutan
Nima Dorji – Bongo, Chukha, Bhutan
Phub Dorji – Bhutan
Sonam Dorji – Thimpu, Bhutan
Tshering Dorji – Mongar Bhutan
Geduen Drupka – Trashigang, Bhutan
Drakpa Gyeltshen – Chokor, Bumthang, Bhutan
Thinley Gyeltshen – Bhutan
Khedrup Rinpoche – Thimphu, Bhutan
Phurba Lhamo – Bhutan
Rinchen Lhamo – Thimphu, Bhutan
Tshering Lhendup – Shingkhar, Zhemgang, Bhutan
Yeshey Lhendup – Thimphu, Bhutan
Tshering Nhorbu, Bhutan
Dawa Norbu – Tashigang, Bhutan
Tshering Norbu – Bhutan
Wangchen Penpo, Wamrong, Trashigang, Bhutan
Chaajur Nimaa Reichardt – Zhemgang, Bhutan
Pema Rinzin – Tashigang, Tashigang, Bhutan
Dorji Sempa – Thimphu, Bhutan
Sonam Sonam – Bhutan
Ngawang Lhendup Tendar – Khangku Paro, Bhutan
Karma Thrinlay – Khaling, Trashigong, Bhutan
Kezang Tshering – Bhutan
Deki Tshomo – Bhutan
Lackden Wangchuk – Bhutan
Khandu Wangmo – Bhutan
Passang Wangmo – Bhutan
Tashi Wangmo – Shongphu, Trashigang, Bhutan
Thinley Wangmo – Thimphu, Bhutan
Thrinlay Wangmo – Sherimung, Mongar, Bhutan
Ugyen Wangmo – Bhutan
Karma Wangoli – Samdrupjongkar, Bhutan
Sonam Yangden – Shongphu, Trashigang, Bhutan
Jamyang Tashi Yangki – Thimphu, Bhutan
Sonam Dekey Yangzo – Phuentsholing, Bhutan
Damcho Yonten – Thimphu, Bhutan
Thinley Zangmo – Bhutan

Marcia Andrade – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Suzana Halliwell – Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Julliana Medeiros – Uberado, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Erika Tazawa – Ribeirão Preto, Brazil
Paulo Vidal – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Jenny Ko Gyi – Rangoon, Burma
Aung Myat Thu – Yangon, Burma

Chhen Sela – Battambang City, Cambodia

Jackie Adam – Anola, Manitoba, Canada
Bhante Seevali – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Marion Achoulias – Montreal, Canada
Martin Arsenault – Prince Edward Island, Canada
Donna Ashizawa – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Pamela Bahnuick – Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Kelley Baker – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Gordon Bregg – Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Katie Brown – Ontario, Canada
Linda Buffy – British Columbia, Canada
Rob Bujold – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Fiona Christio – Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Angel Cleary – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Gina Compton – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Lynne Cracknell – British Columbia, Canada
Victor Das – Canada
Paola do Paolo – Woodville, Ontario, Canada
Kate Farrell – Milton, Ontario, Canada
Eileen Frazier – Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Melanie Fritz – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Michael Gazier – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Mike Henderson – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Daya Hewapathirane – Canada
Pat Hubley – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Panda Jerry – Canada
Doug Krause – Anola, Manitoba, Canada
Radika Koneswaran – Ontario, Canada
Michael Lanfield – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Anthony Lavelle – Canada
Sarah Lin – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Monika Lohmeyer – Vancouver, Canada
Kristen Maciejowski – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Gene Maglio – Duncan, British Columbia, Canada
Jean-David Maltais – Levis, Quebec, Canada
Deborah McDowell – Acton, Ontario, Canada
Sandra Jean McPhee – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Trish Moon – Gabriola Island, BC, Canada
Kelly Murphy – Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Pamela Nosworthy – Canada
Krista Olson – Calgary, Alberta, Canada
David J Parker – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Nicole Poirier – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Geoffrey Stewart – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Mina Rad – Montreal, Canada
Abraham Rempel – Ontario, Canada
Jose Rimando – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Angi Shell – Calgary, Canada
Jan Steven – Ontario, Canada
Carolyn Taylor – Tide Head, New Brunswick, Canada
Coleen Tew – Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Mike Trebilcock – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Gillian Walters – Vancouver, Canada
Jeff Warren – Canada
Cindy Wasney – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Peggy Wee – Victoria, Canada
Michael Wineberg – Gabriola, British Columbia, Canada
Corey Woods – Vancouver, Canada
Susan Wnuk – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Rodrigo Becerra – Santiago, Chile
Johanna Brito – Santiago, Chile

Rebecca Chu – Hong Kong, China
Lin Erdmann – Hong Kong, China
Vaithiyanathan Purusoth – Jiaxing City, China
Jenny Tang – Shanghai, China
Jenny Tang – Shanghai, China
Thalatha Wiritthamulla – Hong Kong, China

Carolina Granados – Tabio, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Juan David Castaño Roldán – Medellin, Colombia

Ronald Villegas Soto – Costa Rica
Susan Smith – Portegolpe, Costa Rica

Patricia Radnor – Limassol, Cyprus

Eric Pema Kunsang – Odense, Denmark
Jacqueline Lion – Denmark
Brindly Mousten – Charlottenlund, Denmark
Nadja Poeschke – Nykøbing Sj, Denmark

Benjamin Aitken – Falkirk, Scotland, United Kingdom
Chris Alderton – Chester, United Kingdom
Vannessa Allbright – St Leonards on Sea, England
Prof. Siamak Amini – Altrincham, England
Yvonne Anderson – United Kingdom
Roselle Angwin – United Kingdom
Fred Armstrong – England
Emilija Bakalovska – London, United Kingdom
Derek Baldwin – Kent, United Kingdom
Gerard Bane – Ramsgate, Kent, United Kingdom
Andrew Barnes – Tewkesbury, United Kingdom
Thomas Bonneville – London, United Kingdom
Neil Boorman – United Kingdom
Linda Brockett – Airdrie, United Kingdom
Gabriel Brown – Armagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Karen Brown – London, United Kingdom
Paul Burton – Blackburn, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Toni Busega – Redditch, England
Channa Cabraal Lokuliyana – London, England
Alistair IW Campbell – Crediton, Devon, United Kingdom
Ann Campbell – Crediton, Devon, United Kingdom
Mick Canning – Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom
Sally Carter – United Kingdom
Jim Champion – Southampton, United Kingdom
Marina Claessens – Bath, North Somerset, England
Penny Walmsley Clark – United Kingdom
Isabella Clarke – United Kingdom
Caitlin Collins – Somerset, United Kingdom
Brian Cook – England
Danika Coyle – England
Daniel Cull – London, England
Gillian Davey – Wirral, United Kingdom
Kevin Davey – Birkenhead, United Kingdom
Mark Dawes – London, United Kingdom
Joyce D’Silva – United Kingdom
Charles Everett – United Kingdom
Veronica Fairhurst – Hailfax, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Frances Fearon – London, England
Valerie Ferns – England
Claudia Ferri – Hemel, Hempstead Herts, England
Mark French – United Kingdom
Barbara Gardner – Ivybridge, Devon, England
Myles Gibbons, Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Keith Gilbert – Canterbury, United Kingdom
Sue Godden – England
Jill Gordon – Stoke on Trentham, United Kingdom
Douglas Graham – West Sussex, United Kingdom
Frank Gregory – Kent, England
Deborah Griffin – Ramsgate, United Kingdom
Diana Hall – Newquay, Cornwall, England
Roger Hall – Chippenham, United Kingdom
Ian Harbour – Derby, England
Laura Herridge – United Kingdom
Jerry Howse – United Kingdom
Peter Jennings – Cornwall, United Kingdom
Chris Johnys – Hatfield, United Kingdom
Denise Jones – Wiltshire, United Kingdom
Amanda Katz – Oxford, United Kingdom
Kimberley Kendall – Saltcoats, United Kingdom
Cathy Kowan – Exeter, United Kingdom
James Lamb – Leicester, United Kingdom
Monica Legat – Yorkshire, England
Aspasia Leledaki – Exeter, Devon, England
Amritadasa Ley – Salisbury, England
Treena Livesley – United Kingdom
Debra Malpass – United Kingdom
Ainsley McQueen – United Kingdom
Gordon Meade – Upper Largo, Scotland, United Kingdom
David Meanwell – Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom
Lakshman Meewella – London, United Kingdom
Trevor Millward – Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Charlotte Moncrieff – Bristol, United Kingdom
Rosemarie Moore – England
Esther Muller – United Kingdom
Viktoria Nealis – Leigh, United Kingdom
Suzie Nimmo – United Kingdom
Nicki O’Neill – Brighton, England
Richard Pauley – Birmingham, England
Jahque Price-Rees – London, England
Kamal Rajapakse – London, England
Sarah Rands – West Sussex, England
Brian Robinson – Wales, United Kingdom
Satya Robyn – Malvern, United Kingdommararatna – High Wycombe, Bucks, United Kingdom
Josephine Rose – Birmingham, England
Jason Rouse – England
Sunil Shantha Sathiyaseelan – Scarborough, England
Cindy Schwartz – London, United Kingdom
Karen Simpson – United Kingdom
Chris Slade – Guildford Surrey, United Kingdom
A. Smith – Macclesfield, England
Kim Stallwood – Hastings, United Kingdom
Helen Stewart – United Kingdom
Gerry Stone – Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom
Joanne Tass – United Kingdom
Louise Thacker – Bath, United Kingdom
Susan Thackerey – Romsey, United Kingdom
Jonathan Thickett – New Mills, United Kingdom
Di Trinder – England
Ani Tsondru – United Kingdom
Jiri Vaigl – Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Sue Waite – Harlaxton, England
Rebecca Walden – United Kingdom
Sande Waybill – Angmering, West Sussex, England
Russell Webb – United Kingdom
Marguerite White – Dagenham, Essex, United Kingdom
Susan Wilding – Manchester, England
George Wolf – United Kingdom o

Rein Rebane – Tartu, Estonia
Piret Samuel – Tallinn, Estonia

Erik Kupila – Jokioinen, Finland
Janina Paasonen – Helsinki, Finland

Demetrest Francois – France
Debbie Griffith – France
Stephane Houet – Norte Dame Millieurs, France
Rist Justine – France
Margaret Loyon – Sarlat la Caneda, France
Nathalie Mugnier – Thonin-les-Bains, France
Djikme Tenzin – Plouray, Bretagne, France
Dawa Tsedron – Tursac, Dordogne, France

Ayya Agganyani – Bruckmuhl, Germany
Damaris Aulinger – Germany
Berti Bamunuwitharana – Germany
Jurgen Bartels – Germany
Marion Battke – Altdorf, Germany
Uwe Beckmann – Denart, Lower Saxony, Germany
Susanne Behrendt – Cologne, Germany
Jurgen Bergen – Rheinland Pfalz, Germany
Bernd Bleistein – Obermoschel, Germany
Larissa Blum – Germany
Cora Boer-Sakals – Munich, Germany
Klaudia Bonfert – Kempten, Germany
Stefanie Brecht – Speyer, Germany
Janina Burthel – Weilerbach, Germany
*Ursula Buscher – Germany
Evelyn Cappelmann – Germany
Marlon Keanu Christ – Berlin, Germany
Sven Drenkhahn – Leverkusen, Germany
Koen Duenk – Germany
Claudia Ebeling – Wulfrath, Germany
Monika Ebert – Forchheim, Germany
Iris Emi – Cologne, Germany
Sven Erbacher – Hessen, Germany
Andreas Fendt – Hoechenschwand, Germany
Lior Flores – Germany
Kyosan Frank – Katthagen, Germany
Vanessa Freitag – Stuttgart, Germany
Irina Froesch – Reutlingen, Germany
Jo Taijun Fuss – Neuwied, Germany
Jolanda Gaal – Fürstenau Niedersachsen, Germany
Nici Gentner – Ravensburg, Germany
Maria Viktoria Gereck – Hamburg, Germany
Jutta Maria Geyken – Germany
Nico Glockner – Schutterwald, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Lisa Graf-Marschall – Karlsruhe, Germany
Evelyn Gruhn – Ulm, Germany
Gérald Hägele – Berlin, Germany
Satya Hamed – Solinger, Norhrhein-Westfallen, Germany
Sylvia Hoerenberg – Karlsruhe, Germany
Torsten Homuth – Ostseebad Nienhagen, Germany
Stephan Jaeckel – Berlin, Germany
Martina Karl – Amden Schweiz, Germany
Thomas Kiefer – Esslinger, Germany
Manuela Klesy – Landau, Pfalz, Germany
Desiree Klopfleisch – Germany
Karin Knol – Wielen, Nieder Sachsen Germany
Rieke Knutzen – Hamburg, Germany
Manfred Kohlenberg – Germany
Andreas Kraus – Speyer, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Margarita Kraus – Speyer, Germany
Stefan Kraus – Husum, Germany
Helena Kschischan – Herne, Germany
Pema Kunsang – Rheinweiler, Baden Württemberg, Germany
Brigitte Laurenz – Germany
Ralph Leimgruber – Berlin, Germany
Anna Lelickens – Stuttgart, Germany
Erika Lottes – Uberlingen, Germany
Sue Mandewirth – Ludwigshafen, Germany
Dorie Martin – Hordt, Pfalz, Germany
Mona Mercator – Duisburg, Germany
Martina Mezger – Spaichingen, Germany
Wasana Miro – Germany
Denise Möller – Westerwald, Germany
Edith Molocher – Germany
Michaela Motzko – Bremen, Germany
Monika Mueller – Freiburg, Germany
Alfred Neumann – Berlin, Germany
Franzy Niemalsnicht – Germany
Stefanie Nitsche – Römerberg, Germany
Ulli Pastner – Sachsendorf, Germany
Regina Pfeiffer – Stuttgart, Germany
Nadine Pieper – Goerlitz, Germany
Annette Poerschke – Germany
Claudia Regul – Germany
Dorothea Reimann – Berlin, Germany
Petra Richter – Germany
Melanie Riedel – Germany
Sylvia Rohleder – Germany
Alexandra Ruland – Simmerath, Germany
Andre Schaper – Hamburg, Germany
Anja Schicke – Lahr, Germany
Johanna Schlitzkus – Hochst, Germany
Claudia Schluessel – Karlsruhe, Germany
Jacqueline Schmidt – Poing, Germany
Wolfgang Schmidt – Taufkirchen, Germany
Christiane Amrita Schmitter- Germany
Nathalie Schoechlin – Frankfurt, Germany
Ritikaa Schulte – Germany
Dietrich Schwagerl – Ottobrunn, Germany
Petra Seifarth – Kiel, Germany
Annette Senger – Germany
Sylke Simmonds – Mönchengladbach, Germany
Christian Sohns – Bonn, Germany
Nadine Stahlschmidt – Rohrbach, Germany
Laura Staller – Bonn, Germany
Michaela Steffl – Passau, Germany
Marco Stromberg, Wissen, Germany
Bhiksu Thich Dong Hoa – Berlin, Germany
Thomas Unger – Kirchberg, Germany
Chris Urban – Biederitz, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
Marco Volkmann – Freiburg, Germany
Toni Vollmer – Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Winfried Wagener – Konigswinter, Germany
Katharina Weichel – Speyer, Germany
Arne Weiß – Dortmund, Germany
Jutta Weisser – Tuebingen, Germany
Anika Wilhelm – Germany
Rajah Wirasekara – Heessen, Lower Saxony, Germany
Detlef Zernick – Cottbus, Germany
Patrick Ziemke – Gehrden, Niedersachsen, Germany

Jason Whittinghill – Accra, Ghana

Christian Kosok – Athens, Greece
Andreas Papazachariou – Thessaloniki, Greece

Eva Boomsluiter – Rotterdam, Netherlands
JR Breuer – Utrecht, Netherlands
Ron Damen – Oosterhout, Netherlands
Marinelle van Dongen – Nijmegen, Netherlands
Henny van Hensbergen – Haarlem, Netherlands
Petra Hubbeling – Netherlands
Andre Kalden – Amsterdam, Holland
Do Radius-Simanullang – Amsterdam, Holland
Erna Sibum – Muiden-Noord, Netherlands
Therese Stam – Rotterdam, Netherlands
Monique Surette – The Netherlands
Shinyo Timmer – De Pol, Overijssel, Netherlands
Rob Wijbenga – Den Bosch, Netherlands
Rita van der Wijden – Sandpoort, Nord, Netherlands
Ine Van Schaik – Utrecht, Netherlands

Ven. Dr. Bhadant Rahul Bodhi – Mumbai, India
Ali Akber – Bangalore, India
Alok Behuria – Cuttack, India
Rajkumar Bommidioy – Secunderabad, India
Vanpriya Cor – Patiala, Punjab, India
Shivam Dewan – India
Jayant A Dhote – Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Jamyang Dorji – Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Heero Hito – Hapur Uttar Pradesh, India
Amol Husale – Rahata, Makarashtra, India
Santosh Inamdar – Sinnar, Maharashtra, India
Dr Lakshmi Iyer – India
Tenzin Jamtsho – Calcutta, India
Navin Kumar Keerthi Prakash – Hyderbad, Telangana, India
Sangey Lhaton – Delhi, India
Palash Madakwar – Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
Jayaprakash Naught – Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Jetsuma Tenzin Palmo – Palampur, District Kangra, India
Aneeha Patwardhan – India
Sushma Sachdev – Gurgaon, India
Uttam Shetty – India
Sauerabh Singh – Pune, Maharashtra, India

Devina Angela – Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
Erlan Majuki – Jakarta, Indonesia
Felix Makmur – Manado, Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia
Fu Yin Natdhita – Bandung, Indonesia
Wayan Suparta – Blahbatuh, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

Steve Canavan – Waterford, Ireland
Lily Corcoran – Ireland
Mary Hickey – Ireland
James O’Donovan – Ireland

Michal Flores – Ramat Gan, Israel
Muli Glezer, Tel Aviv, Israel
Ellen Serfaty – Jerusalem, Israel

Karel Decaesstecker – Rome, Italy
Carlo Decanale – Luserna S. Giovanni, TO, Italy
Marilena Duca – Milan, Italy
Mary Fleming – Rome, Italy
Misiti Katia – Genova, Italy
Mahin Kaveh – Italy
Elena Murgoci– Italy
Maria Cristina Salvi – Milan, Italy
Andrea Sciarne – Milan, Italy
Taehye Sunim – La Spezia, Italy

Kate Woolf – Vientiane, Laos

Vladas Koncius – Lithuania

Alix Rassel – Luxembourg

Ven. Bootawatte Saranankara – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ven. Wei Wu – Penang, Malaysia
Ven. Kotawila Siridhamma, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ven. Kai Lek – Penang, Malaysia
Ven. Wu Chang – Penang, Malaysia
Ven. Zhenxiu – Penang, Malaysia
Ven. Choo Voon Leek, Negri Sembilan, Malaysia
Ven. Siriratana Badallegame – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Aalin Abduluah – Penang, Malaysia
Lee Chui Ai – Penang, Malaysia
Cheng Tuan Ang – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Lau Soo Bin – Penang, Malaysia
Mahinda Boc – Seremban Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Hua Yong Chan – Penang, Malaysia
Wai Cheng Chan – Penang, Malaysia
Yoon Sung Chan – Penang, Malaysia
Ang Thon Chee – Ipoh, Malaysia
San Mei Cheng – Ipoh, Malaysia
CK Cheong – Penang, Malaysia
Cheow Mooy Chew – Penang, Malaysia
Tee Hui Chew – Penang, Malaysia
Chan Chin – Penang, Malaysia
Liang Bee Chin – Penang, Malaysia
Yee Loong Chin – Penang, Malaysia
Geok Tho Ching – Penang, Malaysia
Chin Seng Chong – Penang, Malaysia
Wong Shin Chong – Penang, Malaysia
Wai Yin Choy – Ipoh, Malaysia
Yeang Weng Chuong – Penang, Malaysia
Boon Poh Eng – Penang Malaysia
Jaik Choo Goh – Penang, Malaysia
Boi Sim Heng – Penang, Malaysia
Ang Choo Hong – Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Chii Chew Hong – Penang, Malaysia
Goh Cheng Hooi – Penang, Malaysia
Lim Stew Hwah – Penang, Malaysia
Law Ean Im – Penang, Malaysia
Lee Jin Inn – Penang, Malaysia
Suprabha Irugalratne – Malaysia
Stefanie Kee – Penang, Malaysia
Chia Chia Khoo – Penang, Malaysia
Ruby Chuah Eu Khun – Taiping, Malaysia
Chun Bee Kok – Penang, Malaysia
Chye Hee Leow – Penang, Malaysia
Quah Mu Lian – Penang, Malaysia
Kie Woon Lim – Penang, Malaysia
Loh Pai Ling – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tan Maggie – Penang, Malaysia
Rinchen Lhamo Marina – Selangor, Malaysia
Kenneth Morgan – Tanjung Bungah, Penang, Malaysia
Suzanne Morgan – Penang, Malaysia
Ai Boey Ng – Ipoh, Malaysia
Siam Tiam Ng – Penang, Malaysia
Jou Jun Ong – Penang, Malaysia
Phei Ping Ong – Penang, Malaysia
Ean Kee Org – Penang, Malaysia
Lee Gaik Poh – Penang, Malaysia
Peng Kiat Sam – Johor, Malaysia
Chhen Sela – Penang, Malaysia
Phaik In Seow – Penang, Malaysia
Mengrap Shi – Ipoh, Malaysia
Lily Liew Giok Sim – Penang, Malaysia
Cian Tuan Sim – Penang, Malaysia
Ming Yeow Thai – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Cyndi Tan – Penang, Malaysia
Hooi Ching Tan – Penang, Malaysia
Phei Ling Tan – Penang, Malaysia
Seok Hooi Tan – Malaysia
Swas Tan – Penang Malaysia
GK Teh – Penang, Malaysia
Min Dee Teh – Penang, Malaysia
Chin Heng Teoh – Penang, Malaysia
Kent Too – Penang, Malaysia
Shanyin Wuguo – Penang, Malaysia
Kian Seng Yeap – Penang, Malaysia
Neon In Yew – Penang, Malaysia
Lee YL – Penang, Malaysia
Beng Soon Yeoh – Penang, Malaysia
Jia Ren Yeoh – Penang, Malaysia
Koon Beng Yeoh – Penang, Malaysia
Yee Teng Yeoh – Penang, Malaysia
Wai Ching Yun – Ipoh, Malaysia

Rocio Cavazos – Mexico City, Mexico
Gabriela Chacon – Mexico City, Mexico
Isabella Cordoba – Mexico
Antonio Galvez – Morelia, Mexico
Paloma Labastida – Mexico
Lourdes Plata – Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
Manuel Rivas – Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
Adriana Sanchez – Mexico City, Mexico
Dario Sanchez – Tijuana, Mexico
Linda Wilson – Oaxaca, Mexico

Nabin Bajracharya – Kathmandu, Nepal
Bishnuz Pradhan – Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal
Rinzing Chodin Tamang – Boudha – Kathmandu, Nepal


Hanna Elender – Nelson, New Zealand
Dammika Iddamalgoda – Dunedin, New Zealand
Suresh Kumar – Auckland, New Zealand
Ziggy Shanti – Waiheke Island, Aukland, New Zealand
Hannah Stuart – New Zealand
Ingrid Ungerland – Nelson, New Zealand
Paula Wells – Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand
Loretta Westbrook – Raglan, New Zealand

Igwe Emmanuel – Nigeria
Carllistus Sunday – Nigeria

Jorgen Boganes – Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway
Samadhi Karun – Norway

Chantal Poulin – David, Chiriqui, Panama
Roberto Quintero – Panama

Jesse Marie Lopez – Imus, Cavite, Philippines

Onsho Krystyna – Gliwice, Poland
Robert Jozwiak – Warsaw, Poland

Beatriz Faria – Portugal
Marco Quaresma – Lisbon, Portugal

Magdalena Dumitrana – Bucharest, Romania

Emma Bischuk – Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
Graham (Ghampa) Clark – Scotland
Diane Lindsay – Scotland
Lisa Mackenzie – Scotland

Hui An – Singapore
Angie Ang – Singapore
Anthony Ang – Singapore
Vinitha Ang – Singapore
Meng Wei Chai – Singapore
Anna Chan – Singapore
Chow Wah Chan – Singapore
Stephen Chan – Singapore
Linxiang Chen – Singapore
Jaral Cheng – Singapore
Juansa Cheng – Singapore
Cherie Cherie – Singapore
Fiona Chia – Singapore
Mary Chia – Singapore
SC Chin – Singapore
See Ching Chin – Singapore
Isaac Chua – Singapore
Ven. Shravasti Dhammika – Singapore
Jamie Foo – Singapore
Bock Peng Goh – Singapore
Karen Hee – Singapore
Guan Hou Heng – Singapore
Sharlene Ho – Singapore
Xin Qin Ho – Singapore
Tania Jim – Singapore
Chee Hao Kuk – Singapore
Christina Lee – Singapore
Teo Siew Lee – Singapore
Chen Lai Leng – Singapore
May Lee – Singapore
Wee Lei Hwa – Singapore
Belinda Leong – Singapore
Joyce Lim – Singapore
Yoke Kuang Lim – Singapore
Zen Lin – Singapore
Chenyuan Liu – Singapore
Pema Mok – Singapore
Annie Ng – Singapore
Hany Ng – Singapore
Richard Ng – Singapore
Xin Zhao Ng – Singapore
Quang Nguyen – Singapore
Oliver Ong – Singapore
Stephanie Ong – Singapore
Tuck Seng Phoon – Singapore
Dong-Haur Phua – Singapore
Rachieru Poh – Singapore
Jimmy Seah- Singapore
Aaron Tan – Singapore
Cecilia Tan – Singapore
Luke Tan – Singapore
Thong Lance Tan – Singapore
Yoke Teng Tan – Singapore
Yu Heng Tan – Singapore
Yu Qi Tan – Singapore
June Tay – Singapore
Valerie Tay – Singapore
Wan Jing Tay – Singapore
Shirlene Teo – Singapore
H.K. Wong – Singapore
Weng-Fai Wong – Singapore
Chye Heng Yan – Singapore
G. E. Yap – Singapore
Grace Yap – Singapore
Ray Yeh – Singapore
Jin Yong – Singapore

Tara Tulka Drimed – Slovenia
Michael John Smith – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Jeweson Adams – Cape Town, South Africa
Tony Brockhaven – Capetown, South Africa
Kerry Grant – South Africa
Frank Molteno – Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Suzanne O’Meara – Cape Town, South Africa
Renuka Ramasamy – Western Cape, South Africa
Debra West – Capetown, South Africa
Conrad Zaayman – Elliot, Eastern Capetown, South Africa

Young Sook Bang – Seoul, South Korea
Ven. Musang Beophyeon – Seoul, South Korea
Chunghee Cho – Seoul, South Korea
Hyunduk Cho – Seoul, South Korea
Eun Hee Choi – Seoul, South Korea
Inhye Choi – Osan Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Youn Jung Choi – Seoul, South Korea
Suk-Joo Chung – Seoul, South Korea
Namee Eon – Seoul, South Korea
AJ Garcia – South Korea
Kiwan Ha – Seoul, South Korea
Joo Young Han – Seoul, South Korea
Yongbum Jung – Seoul, South Korea
Chloe Kim – Seoul, South Korea
Eun-jung Kim – Seoul, South Korea
Hyun Kim – Seoul, South Korea
Ki Joom Kim – Seoul, South Korea
Young Woo Kim – Seoul, South Korea
Young-Gu Kwon – Seoul, South Korea
Byeongdu Lee – Seoul, South Korea
Dale Lee – Seoul South Korea
Eun-jung Lee – Seoul, South Korea
Jumi Lee – Seoul, South Korea
Seon-a Lee – Seoul, South Korea
Seong Taek Lee – Seoul, South Korea
Tae-Ghill Lee – Seoul, South Korea
Yeonju Lee – Incheon, South Korea
Yuna Lee – Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Eunho Lim – Seoul, South Korea
Young Rock Oh – Seoul, South Korea
Jong Bae Park – Seoul, South Korea
Sang-kyu Park – Seoul, South Korea
So Youn Park – Seoul, South Korea
Charles Pyo – Seoul, South Korea
Doh Rae – Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Eric Thompson – Seoul, South Korea
Kyeung hwa Wang – Seoul, South Korea
Max Yoo – Seoul, South Korea

Carmen Escribano – Valencia, Spain
Javier Gonzalez – Barcelona, Spain
Montserrat Hernandez – Barcelona, Spain
Jose Ortin – Murcia, Spain
Jovita Prinz – Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain
Jose Manuel Gonzalez Sanchez – Madrid, Spain
Yvonne Márquez Lang McIntosh – Madrid, Spain
Leigh Sanders – Spain
Carlos Gil Sobera – Orgiva, Spain
Manuel Teba – Valencia, Spain

Ven. Homapola Mahindaloka Thero
Ven. Y. Wimalarathana Thero – Thimbirigaskatuwa, Sri Lanka
Rev. Pannawansa Thero – Ratmalana, Sri Lanka
Sardha Abeyratne – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Rodney Alles – Colombo, Sri Lanka Buddhika Alwis – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Mario De Alwis – Mattakkuliya, Sri Lanka
Gamini Nissanka Amarasinghe – Nugegoda, Sri Lanka
Pushpa Amaratunga – Wattala, Sri Lanka
Thillaiampalam Anandamoorthy – Colombo Western province, Sri Lanka
Evelyn Ariyaratnam – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Kayalvili Balakumar – Kandy, Sri Lanka
E.M.S.D.ilki Bandara – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Keshinie Bandaranaike – Colombo, Si Lanka
Dinesh Basnayaka, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Hashan Bibile – Sri Lanka
Rashika Brahakmanage – Sri Lanka
Kusum Bulathsinghala – Kandy, Sri Lanka
ChampaRajapaksa – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Sunil Chandrasoma – Gampaha, Sri Lanka
Don Isuru Dananjaya – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Umanga Dassanayake – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Chandrika de Silva – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Drupathi de Silva – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Olupathage Chathurika Tharangani Silva – Waskaduwa, Sri lanka
Rasika de Silva – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Rocky Dirckze – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Samadhee Dissanauake – Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka
Chanuka Dissanayake – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Lanka Jayasuriya Dissanayake – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Mahita Dissanayake – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Samadhee Dissanayake – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Binu Elwitigala – Sri Lanka
Shashika Evanga – Negombo, Sri Lanka
Duleep Fernando – Sri Lanka
Sarath Fernando – Veyangoda, Wester, Sri Lanka
Wannakuwaththa Waduge Ransara Vishwajith Fernando – Kurukulawa, Sri Lanka
Anthea Peris Flambert – Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka
Malindu Gamage – Sri Lanka
Mahanama Udawatte Gedara – Nugegoda, Sri Lanka
Kanthi Goonawardane – Sri Lanka
Ashani Gopallawa – Talangama, Sri Lanka
Olcott Gunasekera – Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka
Suranga Indika Gunasekara – Gurugoda, Sri Lanka
Tiyana Gunawardane – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Krishni Gunawardena – Mount Lavinia, Western, Sri Lanka
Sanju Gurguge – Galle, Sri Lanka
Pavithrani Madushika Hapugodaarachchi – Kegalle, Sri Lanka
Mangala Herath – Sri Lanka
Kalana Hettiarachchi – Western, Sri Lanka
Lakshman Hettiaratchi – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Sandamali Hettiaratchi – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Gayanath Hewaheenipallage – Minuwangoda, Gampaha, Sri Lanka
Malcolm Hudson – Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Chathura Ilangarathna – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Anushika Indrarathne – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Akila Jayakodi, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Pavithra Madhubashini Jayarathne – Bemmulla, Sri Lanka
N Jayasinghe – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Shevanthi Jayasuriya – Thalawathugoda, Sri Lanka
Sharni Jayawarena – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Reshma Kariyawasam – Walahanduwa, Sri Lanka
H.D.N. Karunatilaka – Watareka, Sri Lanka
DAD Kodikara – Ratmalana, Sri Lanka
Sandarenu Kodikara – Kandy, Sri Lanka
HMGB Kotakadeniya – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Anushiya Chaminda Nirmala Kumar – Sri Lanka
Jeewan Kumara – Sri Lanka
Krishan Kumara – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Sameera Chathuranga Kumara – Piliyandala, Sri Lanka
Sampath Leelananda, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Tharalika Livera – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Neil Liyanage – Galle, Sri Lanka
Mahinda Malalasekera – Sri Lanka
D Tharanga Munasinghe – Thalawathugoda, Sri Lanka
Panchalie Muthukudaarachchi – Mt. Lavinia, Sri Lanka
Isuru Nagodavavithana – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Renuka D Nagodavithana – Colombo , Sri Lanka
Yomalie Rasadhika Nagodavithana – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Ananda Nanayakkara – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Asanka Nanayakkara – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Chamath Nanayakkara – Kandy Sri Lanka
Chamith Nanayakkara – Kandy Sri Lanka
Nandawathie Nanayakkara – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Saman Nanayakkara – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Thinath Nanayakkara – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Anjali, Niyangoda – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Pathiranage Don Padmasiri – Bandaragama, Sri Lanka
Uditha Palihakkara – Sri Lanka
Aruna Pallewatte – Gampaha, Sri Lanka
Lakshi Palliyaguruge – Sri Lanka
Sunlin Panabokke – Thalawatugoda, Sri Lanka
Rev. Pannawansa Thero – Ratmalana, Sri Lanka
Gamunu Perera – Sri Lanka
Lionel Perera – Negombo, Sri Lanka
Neil Perera – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Shashini Perera – Panadura, Sri Lanka
Pulukkutige Don Amila Nilmini Peris – Thalgahawaththa, Sri Lanka
Dissanayake, Pilimatalawa – Sri Lanka
Rasika Priyanga Piyasena – Sri Lanka
Kasuni Praboda – Galle, Sri Lanka
Nilma Manoji Prasangika – Kalamulla, Sri Lanka
Asitha Punchihewa – Panadura, Western Province, Sri Lanka
Kumar Punchihewa – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Ruwan Punchihewa – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Indra Rajapakse – Colombo, Rajagiriya, SriLanka
Shirani Rajapakse – Sri Lanka
Manul Rajapaksha – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Saliya Rambukwella – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Banduka Rambukwelle – Sri Lanka
Disna Ranasinghe – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Pooja Ranasinghe – Kottawa, Pannipitiya, Sri Lanka
Sushila Ranasinghe – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Danush Randika – Nugegoda, Sri Lanka
Shantha Rangalla – Minuwangoda, Western Province, Sri Lanka
Prasad Madura Sri Abhaya Rathne – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Avanti Ratnayeke – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Rukshany Ravindraraj – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Tashie Roberts – Sri Lanka
Lankapurage Dhanushka Ridmal Rodrigo – Piliyqndala, Sri Lanka
Kahagalla Dewage Neville Rukshan – Kurana, Sri Lanka
Eva Ruppel – Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Rasakesary Rushan – Trincomalee, Sri Lanka
Rushantha, Sri Lanka
Upul Sagarathilaka – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Fahima Sahabdeen – Sri Lanka
Lahiru Sandaruwan – Kannimahara,Sri Lanka
Maleesha Sapuni – Wattala, Sri Lanka Jennifer Senaratne – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Chandana Senevirathna – Matale, Sri Lanka
Dr. Indira Seneviratne – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Deebika Shanthakumaran – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Mohamed Subiyan – Colombo, Sri Lanka Thanuri Wagisha Sumathipala – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Kamaljith Thambawita – Kurunegala, North Western, Sri Lanka
Nuwan Tharanga – Galle, Sri Lanka
W.M Dishan Bandara Tennakoon – Matale, Sri Lanka
Chandrika Tennekoon – Gothami Mawatha, Sri Lanka
Prakalathan Thuraisingam – Colombo, Sri Lanka
N.G Thilanka Udara – Galle, Sri Lanka
Lakmali Udugampola – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Handapangodage Don Chamth Viduranga – Kobawaka, Sri Lanka
Shenali Waduge – Sri Lanka
Chandra Nimal Wakishta – Galle, Sri Lanka
Padmani Wakishta – Galle, Sri Lanka
Manuri Tharindi Wanniarachchi – Piliyandala, Sri Lanka
Malka Weerakoon – Kadawatha, Western Province, Sri Lanka
Udayangani Weerakoon – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Sandy Weiner – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Tharangani Welegama – Kandy Sri Lanka
Pani Wewala – Panadura, Sri Lanka
Milan Wickramarathne – Homagama, Sri Lanka
Bimali Wickramasinghe – Sri Lanka
Thushara Wickramasinghe – Battaramulla, Sri Lanka
Vajira Wijayanayake – Horana, Western, Sri Lanka
Naveen Wijayarathne – Galle, Sri Lanka
Udaya Wijayawardana – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Wijerathna Mudiyanselage Thilina Dhanushka Bandara Wijerathna – Gunnepana, Sri Lanka
Dulanie Wijeratne – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Suseema Wijesekara – Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka
Rashmi Wijesundara – Sri Lanka
Subodini Wijesinghe – Sri Lanka
Onelia Wilvara – Kandy, Sri Lanka
Ganga Withana – Colombo, Sri Lanka

Tashi Norbu – El Daein, Darfu, Sudan

Virre Annergard – Stockholm, Sweden
Claes Bratt – Sweden
Mac Djerf – Sweden
Fredrik Gustafsson – Marsta, Sweden
Stefan Hansson – Malmo, Sweden
Carin Holmberg – Stockholm, Sweden
Amanda Jennings – Malmö, Sweden
Majidah Maria Jonsson – Lund, Sweden
Ingrid Marongiu – Stockholm, Sweden
Arvid Kongstad – Linkoping, Sweden
Natali Kurvinen – Sweden
Peter Milton – Stockholm, Sweden
Hakan Okmen – Sweden
Detief (Dharmavajra) Schultze – Malmo, Sweden
Tashi Norbu – El Daein, Darfu, Sudan

Marcus Abt – Basel Landschaft, Switzerland
Paola Cantin – Switzerland
Erica Eichenberger – Zurich, Switzerland
Octastone Gateway – Grandson, Switzerland
Martin Kalff – Switzerland
Natalie Krause – Zurich, Switzerland
Lilo Lotus – Switzerland
Bill Luepold – Liebefeld, Switzerland
Mirjam Luepold – Bern, Switzerland
Anne Piotet – Lausanne, Swizerland
Theresia Raberger – Vitznau, Luzern, Switzerland
Antoinette Rainoldi – Niederlenz, Switzerland
Vanessa Täschler – Bronschhofen, Switzerland
David Veganhauser – Riehen, Switzerland
Matthias Wicki – Bern, Switzerland

Ven. Chuanfa Shih, Taipei, Taiwan
Ven. Shi Zhanli – Keelung City, Taiwan
Albert Allera – Taiwan
Chang Ter Chang – Taipei, Taiwan
Kitty Cheng – Taiwan
Cheng Fu – Chiayi, Taiwan
Shi Miao Guan – Keelung, Taiwan
James Hseuh – Taipei, Taiwan
Edouard K – Chiayi City, Taiwan
Song Lai – Taiwan
Lin Mu – Taiwan
Lee Siang – Taiwan
Yue-han Su – Taiwan
Wang Ting – Taiwan
Peter Tung – Taiwan
Jui Chien Wang – Tainan, Taiwan
Peggy Yan – Taipei, Taiwan
Kimi Zhang – Taiwan

Anandajoti Bikkhu – Thailand
Varapol Chensavasdijai – Thailand
Dr. Henry Chow – Bangkok, Thailand Terry Horsuwan – Bangkok, Thailand
Sajjaphoum La-ovo – Bangkok, Thailand
Raehaya Nattee – Bangkok, Thailand
Ven. Phra Anil Sakya – Thailand
Smarn Sudto – Bangkok, Thailand
Phallop Thaiarry – Bangkok, Thailand
Prem Urairat – Nontaburi, Bangkok, Thailand
Kalayanee Yimsiri – Bangkok, Thailand

Upali Wijesinghe Senarath – Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Mary Brown – Pando, Uruguay
Sangye Dorje – Montevideo, Uruguay
Victor Emmanuel Martinez – Marindia, Canelones, Uruguay

Ven. Thich Thanh Huan – Hanoi, Vietnam
Ven. Thich Kien Dinh – Hue City, Vietnam
Truong Bui Xuan – Hanoi, Vietnam Chien Nguyen Chi – Hanoi, Vietnam
Trang Dang – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Quynh Dao – Hanoi, Vietnam Nguyen Dinh – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Thuan Do – Hanoi, Vietnam
Hao Phant Hanh – Hanoi, Vietnam
Soren Landreau – Hanoi, Vietnam
Caroline Linh – Hanoi, Vietnam
Marton Mengerink – Hanoi, Vietnam
Hong Dung Nguyen – Hanoi, Vietnam
Hong Hanh Nguyen – Hanoi, Vietnam
Vinh Nguyen – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phuong Anh Pham – Hanoi, Vietnam Hao Phan Thanh – Hanoi, Vietnam
Nguyen Phuong – Bac Giang, Vietnam
Nguyen Thuy Quynh – Son La, Vietnam
Nguyen Thao – Hanoi, Vietnam
Dam Xuan Thang – Hanoi, Vietnam
Trish Thompson – Hoi An- Vietnam
Nguyen Tien Thuc – Hanoi, Vietnam
Hanh Tuan – Hanoi, Vietnam

Geraint so Dyfed – Cardiff, Wales
Anika Mothersdale – Chepstow Monmouthshires, Wales
Margaret Krol Williams – Conwy, Wales

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