Printable Materials to Share

Through the DVA website, we provide educational resources that bring awareness to the suffering of animals and that outline the steps individuals can take to live a “cruelty-free” lifestyle. We also assist and support retreat centers in transitioning to a “cruelty-free” tradition. In addition to the materials available elsewhere on our website, the following printable materials are also provided for you to download and distribute to your local Buddhist centers and sanghas.

DVA Pamphlet

We are providing a six-page brochure for letter size paper and an eight-page brochure for legal size, in both color and black and white. To create the pamphlet, print the front and back on one sheet of paper and fold (twice for the six-page brochure and three times for the eight-page brochure) so that the Animals and the Buddha page is on top and the Dharma Voices for Animals page is on the bottom. If you would like the files in .psd form or if you have any questions, please contact us.

Other Materials

  • Introduction to DVA [pdf]
  • Detailed discussion of the Buddha’s explicit teachings advocating vegetarianism in the Mahayana sutras [pdf]