DVA’s 2nd Annual Asian Buddhist Animal Rights Conference

2nd Annual Asia International Buddhist Animal Advocacy ConferenceSri Lanka, October 26, 2017. More than 600 people filled the auditorium in the Buddhist Cultural Center in Colombo, Sri Lanka for DVA’s second annual Asian Buddhist Animal Rights Conference.  Speakers, panel discussions, and outstanding plant-based food highlighted our event. The main goal of our Conference is to launch DVA’s Sri Lanka Project which plans to move Sri Lankans to a plant-based diet by: 1) growing our Facebook “likes” in that country to one million and 2) by organizing our team to make personal contact with all Sri Lankans through countless in person public talks, workshops, and forums throughout the island nation. Our other goal is to convince the Government to finally pass the Animal Rights/Welfare bill which has been languishing in the system for a number of years.

The photo on the left shows DVA President/CEO Bob Isaacson giving the keynote address, while the photo on the right shows the Honorable Karu Jayasuriya, the Speaker of the Sri Lanka Parliament, telling the 600 in attendance and a national audience via television and newspaper coverage that he doesn’t eat animals and fully supports DVA’s Sri Lanka Project. Bob’s keynote address can be seen and heard on our Facebook page: