Update on DVA’s Vietnam Project & Film Release

DVA’s Vietnam Project, our second nationwide Project, was launched in September of 2018, bringing a Buddhist voice on behalf of animals to this country of “tens of millions” of Buddhists. Here’s an update on some recent activities.

New Film on Compassionate Diet in Vietnam

DVA’s Vietnam Project received a huge boost by the release of a documentary film about a compassionate diet in Vietnam. One of the top Vietnamese film makers created the film by talking with many people, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Contains English subtitles.

Volunteers Visit Vietnamese Pagodas

DVA’s Vietnam Project is beginning to focus on individual Pagodas (temples) in the country. Our director, the Venerable Thich Thanh Huan, has put together a team of volunteers to help spread the word for plant based diets at the 14,000 Pagodas in Vietnam. Our team will support each Pagoda to hold regular events which will include a Dharma talk on the benefits of a compassionate diet, a screening of our new film, and the offering of a free plant based lunch to all participants.