Dharma Voices for Animals is hiring for a part-time Communications Director for US based applicants.

This position will have flexible hours and is anticipated to typically require 20-25 hours per week.  These hours may fluctuate depending upon the needs of the organization. Work from home. Salary range: 25,000 to $32,000 per year.

Desired qualifications: Experience in maintaining and updating websites. Have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. Proficiency in email campaigns and newsletter creation. Experience with social media, content strategy, and social marketing highly preferred. Experience in database management. Be vegan or vegetarian.

Responsibilities will include:

* Participates with President/CEO/Operations Director to read, organize and handle emails.

* Participates with President/CEO/Operations Director to keep donor records, crowd funding (FB ect) increasing membership in addition to monitoring DonorBox and PayPal.

* Works with CEO/President to organize monthly or bi-monthly e-newsletters sent to all members.

* Assists Operations Director in organizing communications with Board, Chapter Leaders, Advisory Council, etc. and with DVA members and public.

* Works with Zoom platform to create Meditation and Mindfulness Sangha the last Sunday of every month and occasional Speaker Series webinars. Responsible for editing and promoting the classes on social media.

* Researching shareable content that would be helpful to spread DVA’s mission. This includes finding videos and written materials, studies, and people who might support our mission.

* Assists Operations Director with DVA social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and You Tube. Facilitates live streaming of events. Coordinates with country specific projects

* Works with President/CEO to manage website by revamping it when needed and keeping it current.

* Responsibilities may change to reflect business needs.

If interested, please submit your resume along with a cover letter by email to friends@dharmavoicesforanimals.org


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