Animal Welfare Bill Update


Sri Lanka Animal Welfare Bill Update
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We are very saddened to share that the Animal Welfare Bill in Sri Lanka is being put on hold again. The original Bill proposed in 2006 has seen many changes as all parties have to agree on the contents. Animal rights organizations and those directly involved in animal agriculture have been going back and forth with changes for many years. We finally came to an agreement but unfortunately, the Bill is now being stalled again by fellow animals rights people.

We want to stress the importance of making change for the animals whenever possible. We have to look at the bigger picture.

To date, there is no 100% ”pro-animal” legislation in any country. Sri Lanka’s Animal Welfare Bill was established in 1907. We are devastated that the animals will continue to suffer without any changes or progress to their liberation due to the ”all or nothing” mentality.

When you look back at any social justice movement, you will see that incremental change was the path they all took. This is because it is the only logical path when dealing with people and corporations who are against what you are trying to accomplish.

Without an legal updated foundation, there will never be a day where we can make amendments to continue pushing for their rights.

At this point, we are only hoping that the animal rights folks who have again stopped progress on this crucial Bill will take immediate and successful action to finally enacting it but instead they have been working to silence DVA for reasons unbeknownst to us.

Our Sri Lanka Project will continue to work tirelessly to help modernize the legislation.

We ask our supporters to please continue raising awareness for the Animal Welfare Bill. Please understand how critical is it to get it passed soon for our dear animal friends who are suffering every day without any updates to the laws.

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