Ardjani Puig is a passionate and empathetic advocate for animals, humans and earth. She was raised vegetarian and turned vegan as a teen, upon learning of the suffering inherent in the dairy, egg and other animal industries – 25 years ago. Calling Mexico, Germany, Brazil and the United States her home countries, Ardjani brings a unique multi-cultural lense to her work, which has been focused on alleviating suffering in many disguises – especially in the human realm where she’s had a successful career in the humanitarian, social work, and psychotherapy field. 
She is a life-long practicing Buddhist who grew up in the sangha of the renowned Tibetan Lama Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche in Brazil, and has joined further sanghas and teachers over the course of her life for study, retreat and practice. She teaches mindfulness and meditation to groups and individuals through her private practice, where she combines the wisdom of Buddhist psychology, neuroscience, somatic trauma therapy and contemplative practice to bring insight, healing, and resilience to individuals around the world (including animal advocates).
Coming full circle from her early days of animal rights and environmental activism in Berlin, Germany, she is now honored and excited to enter the professional field of animal advocacy and support DVA in furthering its mission of raising awareness of animal suffering among American Buddhists and bringing compassionate institutional food policy changes to Dharma Centers around the United States. She is excited to begin this essential and monumental task and invites anyone interested in supporting DVA in that mission, feel free to email her at ardjani@dharmavoicesforanimals.org.




Katie Nolan’s love for animals and the environment started when she was very young in her own backyard with amphibians and insects. Katie came to Buddhism through her undergraduate studies at Northland College, majoring in Religious Studies with an emphasis on Tibetan and Zen Buddhism. 

Katie seeks to help people connect their devotion to religious practice with compassion for animals and is excited to support DVA by helping to raise awareness of the important work being done and fostering engagement with members and supporters to advance the mission of compassionate living. 

Katie also has a Master’s degree in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law and Graduate School, and her varied experience includes direct animal care, legislative work, and running animal advocacy campaigns.