DVA’s Sri Lanka Project Director Shanika Gamage

Shanika Gamage DVA Sri Lanka Project Director
Shanika Gamage

DVA’s Sri Lanka Project Director is Shanika Gamage, who has worked for DVA since 2018 as Dhamma School Coordinator and then National Events Supervisor. She earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Colombo in 2016 and has completed substantial work on a master’s degree in sociology with an emphasis on research and psychology in Australia.

Under her supervision, DVA has made over 750 presentations at Dhamma schools and other venues all over Sri Lanka. While she was growing up Shanika experienced her country’s Dhamma School program firsthand, finishing an eleven-year course at the age of eighteen.

Shanika Gamage is vegan, a practicing Buddhist and, whenever possible, attends Dhamma meditation retreats. Shanika has a passion to share her own practice of ahimsa toward ALL beings as she leads DVA by example to advocate for a compassionate diet.