With the world in the midst of a pandemic, we at DVA send Metta to all of our members, may you all be healthy and safe.

With so many people suffering so greatly, we also remember that animals are suffering even more than usual. Almost all pandemics have been caused by humans eating animals. And now from being left abandoned and starving on the streets, to being eaten in even larger quantities in some areas, we hope that all of us do what we can to advocate for animals during this unprecedented time in our history.

Even though the world has changed dramatically, your team at DVA is working as hard as ever.

For example, in Sri Lanka, where we have been making presentations on the benefits of a compassionate diet to large numbers of people every week, we have transitioned our network of presenters to help feed animals that have been abandoned during these unprecedented times.

DVA for Homeless Innocents
DVA for Homeless Innocents

DVA is also happy to announce our new Animals Feeding Project covering 32 areas in Sri Lanka with the help of our incredible volunteers. Consequently, nearly 500 animals are covered by our team per day. As of right now, we have been able to feed around 3500 animals and counting.

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